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Busy, Busy Day.

A busy day. But I'm not complaining. Really. I'm not! I'm just worn out at the moment...


Sister Sue and I went to Costco this morning. Short trip with (very) controlled spending.

Okay, yes. I do find it very hard to be controlled when shopping there. I always want dozens of the things I see. I love buying 'in bulk' and always have. I'm a great one for preparing for that 'rainy day.' I got that training straight from my parents, who both grew up during the end of the Depression...

But I had a list and stuck to it -- and it wasn't a big list!

  1. Package (huge) of Paper Grocery Sacks
  2. Garbage bags
  3. Bottled water
  4. Propel bottled water (flavored)
  5. Macadamia nuts
  6. NuGo bars (box)
Marilyn mistressmarilyn likes to take the NuGo bars for either her breakfast or lunch. I discovered that if you were to purchase these on line, then a box of fifteen (15) costs $19.35 (not including shipping and handling). We get a box of twenty-four (24) at Costco for $18.99 -- which means the 'by the bar' price is around 79¢, which is damn good! (Most protein and energy bars run around a dollar or more each.)

The big 'bag' of paper sacks was the most expensive item, at $24.69 for 500. The closest I could find to this item on line was here, where you get: (1/6 BL) Brown Grocery Bags, 500 per Case, size: 12" x 7" x 17" for $37.95.

You can see that we get a savings of $13.26 (assuming we'd bother to buy this item on line, of course). Oh! I just did a fake order that I only partly completed to see what the postage cost would be -- and it was an additional 20.75! So the total would actually be $58.70! (yikes)

Anway, these bags are actually larger than the standard bag in stores locally, which is 12" x 7" x 14", so I find them a bit more convenient for all the uses I put them to... And I don't think I kept track of exactly when I bought the last box, but they last us a very long time, anyway.

I'm the one who loves the Propel flavored water (made by Gatorade). Marilyn doesn't touch it and Sue hates it... So I get a case of regular bottled water to have in the house for drinking -- plus my Propel water, which is a total extravagance on my part. (sigh)

I also picked up a couple hot dogs (these are big) and some berry sundaes that we can have for dinner. (grin)

So the total came very close to the $100.00 cash I took with me. I think it might be some kind of record not to go over a hundred dollars at Costco! (heh)

So why am I worn out?

First, I lifted the bag of bags (heavy!!!) into my cart and into the car and out of the car and up our front walk and into the kitchen and then out to the garage.

I did the same with the case of water and the case of Propel water. (Besides hauling in the other stuff I bought.)

Then I hauled in Sue's case of water -- plus numerous other items -- at her house.

Then we went grocery shopping at Safeway. Sue had coupons that gave us $10 off if we purchased $50 or more, but where going to expire tomorrow -- so we went shopping a second time! I bought two cubes of Diet Pepsi that I hauled into the house, plus several bags of other groceries.

After that I went into the garage and struggled to tear open my big bag of bags -- dragging out the piles of sacks and stacking them on our shelves. Then I put away the groceries.

Did I mention that on Tuesday I moved furniture from room to room?

And yesterday I took down our Christmas tree, boxed it back up and then climbed a ladder and lifted the box up over my head to put it into the rafters of the garage... (I also took down and took apart the new outdoor tree that we bought -- but it was wet, so I haven't boxed it up yet.)

This has been a week full of physical labor, needless to say!

It's a break to sit here and type all of this up. (grin)

I'm going to work tomorrow with Marilyn. It's almost 5:00 p.m. now here. (sigh) No. I didn't get the rest of the Christmas decorations down, boxed up and ready to pack away (damn it). That had been my goal for today, but I just didn't have the time or the energy! I doubt I'll do it over the weekend, either.

And as I have an important medical appointment on Monday, it's not happening then, either, I imagine... (Of course, it's not like the appointment will take all day long, so who knows? Maybe I can get some of it done (if not all) on Monday. We'll see!)

By the way, regarding the (long-awaited) psoriatic arthritis appointment of next Monday, I read the following on line:
How Is It Diagnosed?
This may involve X-rays, blood tests and joint fluid tests.

All they told me was that the appointment would take an hour and that I should bring in all my prescriptions/meds in their original bottles. So I have no clue if I'm supposed to be fasting for the bloodwork. I guess I could phone them about it...


So. How do you think they get the 'fluid' to test for those 'joint fluid tests'? Thank God I'm decades past my (horrible) childhood and youth fear of needles! (grin)

Sounds gruesome to me! (heh)site stats
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