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Back from Work!

It's 8:30 p.m. and we're back from the office. We got a lot of work done today, so it was a great start to the New Year! (smile)

Sister Sue dropped by the office and got me Starbucks and both of us lunch, which was very nice of her!

So now we need to think about something for dinner... (Lunch was half a sandwich each, so we're hungry.)

We've worked three days in a row -- and it felt good to do it!

You know, I admire the fact that Marilyn mistressmarilyn is willing to use her vacation days to organize her office. There aren't many other people who would do that on their own time. Boy, do I wish we'd done 'before' and 'after' photos! What a difference! Things are looking great! And the organization goes far beyond what can be seen, too.

Oh! I also took time to clean up my cubicle at the office, which needed it. (grin) I haven't been in there much in recent months, but I expect that to change in 2007...

This is just a start, really.

Marilyn's hope is to keep her office really organized this year. And I'm ready to get a serious start on the same thing here at home! My goal is to clean off more surfaces that are simply covered with stuff -- and to get rid of more things so stuff can be put away. I think if we had places for everything we could keep our home much nicer... (And it would be so much easier to clean!)

I tried to do that to some degree during the final months of 2006, but I'm going to really make a large effort now.

Anyway, that's right at the top of my Resolutions list for 2007... (smile)

Now it's time for some food and relaxation. I still need to post some reflections about 2006. And do my goals/resolutions for the New Year! But that might not happen tonight...

Soon, soon! (heh)

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