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Interesting Thoughts About Graphics Online...

Just a quick note. I'm currently waiting for Steve (the sprinkler guy) to arrive, so I've got a second... LOL.

(Have I become a spammer of LJ? Feel free to tell me so! ROFL.)

...I decided a number of people might be offended by this. (Sigh.) So I've cut it. If you're here and one of those people who are adamant about 'image-art theft,' spare yourself (and me) and just don't read this, please.

(So that said! LOL.)

Anyway, I was checking on one of the communities I belong to here at LJ that deals with blends/graphics. I followed a link (don't we all end up doing that?) to a site that deals with the abuse/misuse of web graphics.

Here's the thing that strikes me, however! How can a community that's encouraging us to use photographs of celebrities that are undoubtedly the property of a given photographer be so adamant about the 'theft' of the graphic images created from said photo(s)?

That's like saying: "It's okay for me to steal a picture/photo in order to make my graphic, but it's for certain not okay for you to use the graphic I create from my stolen pic!"

Come again?

Sure, those of us who create icons, banners, wallpapers, etc. just love feedback and credit from people. But is this really that different from writing and sharing a fanfic online?

I mean, we like (or even love) getting feedback on fic. But we don't start yelling that someone has 'abused' us when they read and don't fb us.

It's that old image versus the written word thing! You can write a fic that has underage sex included and probably have no problems--but try posting a picture (even manipulated) of underage people engaging in sex! In the U.S. you've now committed a crime and can be prosecuted for it...

Interesting, isn't it?

Does that mean we think the art we create that's visual (our blends/icons/whatever) are more important than our writing?

I'm making bad comparisons here, probably, but it just strikes me that we've got some strange standards going on. Marilyn would tell me that, I'm sure. Oh well. I think I've made my point at least a little bit.

How many of us who create 'art' featuring celebrities actually purchased the photos? Or took them ourselves?

Oh! Steve's here! Have to talk to him. Later!

I'm so excited about our new system!!!


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