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Sprinkler System...

Well, our yard is full of trenches.

No, we're not at war! LOL. But we're ready for tomorrow and the installation of the pipe for our new sprinkler system.

What a day! June and I went promptly at nine to the Grand Opening of the new Goodwill store. I've never seen anything like it! It was packed solid with people.

You could barely get up and down the isles!

Amazingly, it was full of many new items (still retail packaged)! The prices varied. Some were great and some were poor. But they made mistakes that favored customers, too. (More about that tomorrow...)

The hard part was checking out! The line literally wrapped around the store. We were one hour in line. (We'd have left several times, but after a time it's all about the time you've already spent in line! LOL.)

I did get some incredible buys, too!

Then home. Calls to Marilyn and talking to the sprinkler guy (Steve) and giving him the down payment check. Then lunch with June (McDonalds) and back to meet up with Sue.

Then Sue and I were off.

I didn't get back home until almost 7:00. Dead beat. Rushing around doing some chores and so on.

Marilyn got home shortly after that. So we ate a bite and then June called and I went with her hubby to get the new chair and ottoman I'd had them hold for me! (I couldn't face the line a second time! LOL.) It was much quieter tonight.

Donated our old chair, went in and paid for the one we got (a Broyhill with roses) and hauled it home and downstairs.

I'm now officially beat and ready to sleep!

Meeting with Steve in the morning to set up the control panel for the new system. Then lunch with cousin Linda and Sue. I'm tired thinking about it. (I have tons of clothing, etc. to haul along for Linda, who really needs the things...)

Well! Boring, but there it is!

Must nap. (Which might end up being me just going to bed for the night. Before 11:00 is early for actually turning in around this house! LOL. Heck, before midnight is early here...)

But neither of us sleeping much night before last is still got us both tired. That and our new schedule of daily exercise (which neither of us could manage today, I'm afraid).

Well, hugs to all my (equally busy) friends...


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