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'Our First Christmas' Icons!

Somebody over at seasonal_icons had posted a request for 'Our First Christmas' icons... I'd link it -- but it looks like it's been deleted! (boo hoo)

I'm really sorry it took me so very long to get to these (busy, busy, busy) -- but anyway, here are 12 Christmas icons that celebrate a romantic first holiday spent together! (smile)

wreath  vintage by tree  puppy
These three, plus more under the cut!

'Our First Christmas'
ringvintage under mistletoe
modern with white treevintage by tree
vintage by tree 2lights
packagelacy flowers
  1. Credit expected and appreciated. (Thanks!)
  2. These aren't 'icon bases' -- but you may add your username (and text within reason). (If asked nicely I've been known to add usernames for people...)
  3. Comments are greatly appreciated, too!
These were fun to make! And romantic, too. I love the vintage photos I discovered for making a few of them...

Being in the new community has been an inspiration to my icon making...
Tags: 2006, december-2006, icons, seasonal_icons

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