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I could not get up this morning! (yikes) Probably because I had trouble sleeping both last night and the night before... Something's gotta give (as the song goes), sooner or later.

But I'd heard Marilyn mistressmarilyn up and around and it had roused me enough to think I needed to get up -- because I had wanted to make her some meatball sandwiches, using the meatballs left over from dinner last night. So I promptly fell back to sleep and dreamt that I did just that. Boy, was I ever mad when I woke up and realized that I'd only been dreaming!

The furnace guy (I didn't know this man -- and I don't believe he introduced himself) came yesterday, by the way. I'd phoned mid-day on Monday to (finally) complain about the oil smell in the house. They'd initially told me we'd have some odor for a couple of days, so we both were trying hard to put up with it. But every person who came in would remark on it. And the smell was driving us both crazy.

Considering one of the reasons we wanted a new furnace was to do away with the smell of oil in the house, we were a bit upset that we were having more -- rather than less -- compared to the old furnace!

He told me there was a very slight drip from something (???) that hadn't sealed properly. And he was here for ages fixing it, so I'd assume this to be the case. (Marilyn kind of thought maybe he was humoring me or something. But he did work on something...)

We'll see if it improves or not, anyway. Right now I still smell oil.

He did say to phone right away if we had any issues at all, though. We have some amazing warranty on the whole job.

I also did most of my neighbor Christmas deliveries yesterday. Go me!!!

I only have four more to go, which I'm hoping I'll get done today. (One of them is a woman who is way down the street, so we'll see...) We were supposed to be getting (the dread) freezing rain this morning, but there's no sign of it right now, thank God! There are two words I never want to hear put together, and they are 'freezing' and 'rain.' As Marilyn pointed out late last night, those words are bad enough on their own! (heh)

Damn. I've got the local news on TV right now and they're still speaking of 'pockets' of freezing rain. Let it not be here, please!!! (ugh) I rarely listen to the morning news, frankly, so this is a sign of just how bugged I am.

Anyone remember this entry, where I shared icons I'd made of the Starbuck's 'red cup'? Well, on December 18, I (finally) posted about it at seasonal_icons. Believe it or not, I've received 18 comments to that entry -- plus 4 comments to the community post. I'm pretty sure that's a record for me, so I'm both shocked and delighted! Fun, fun. (smile)

I need to get those packages for friend Sandy wrapped and mailed. I keep dragging my heels about it. This is sort of amusing, as one of my jobs in the past was 'fancy gift wrap' (at Lipman's, downtown -- which no longer exists). I was an amazing package wrapper then -- and did a pretty good job for years after that. But I had great tools, too. (smile) I even own a professional size tape holder, designed to hold a large roll of double-side (or double-stick) tape, which is essential to professional fancy gift wrapping. But I rarely ever go and buy the large roll of tape it holds anymore... Now I'm more likely to wrap something in tissue paper and stick it in a gift bag and call it good! (grin)

It needs to be mailed today, so I need to get to it... (sigh)

And, no -- we didn't decorate our tree last night. I just wasn't in the mood. We need to do that tonight! (At least I have all the decorations out finally, from under the stairs.) Sorry, Mom -- I know you'd be disappointed that it's the 20th and we still haven't done it! But, hey -- at least we have the tree up! And we've been lighting it every day...

The yard crew is due here today, too. I need to fix a plate of cookies for Hector to take home to his family, pronto!!! I'll have to catch up with everyone later...

(And respond to all those lovely comments! I just wasn't on very much yesterday...)
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