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Merry Christmas Neighbors, 2006!

I had to be a bit more inventive (creative?) this year, with our limited Christmas budget. So I kind of gathered some small things and combined them into a Christmas plate to give to our various neighbors.

This was the final result:
Neighbor gift - final (small)

I found cute plates to use. Then I added a small box of Mrs. Fields chocolate. Next was a bag of Jack Daniels Coffee. Finally I tossed in a few candy canes and other candy.

I wrapped all this before adding some Simmering Wax (in tree shapes and Evergreen fragrance). Then I added another layer of plastic wrap (in a darling design this year), plus a tree ornament, bow, label and gold embossed label. They're not all that much, but I think they turned out pretty nice, really!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I give to several neighbors, plus to our mailman (person), yard man and his family, Donn and Denise (he's our computer guy) -- as well as to the garbage men and recycling crew.

It's too late to start taking them out today, I think (almost 5:00 p.m.). I haven't really decided about that yet! Anyway, they're all ready now when I decide to go. (whew)

So I started with this:
Neighbor gift - begin
Or this:
Neighbor gift - begin

Then I wrapped it like this:
Neighbor gift in pink -- midway

Then I added this:
Simmering Wax

And ended up with this:
Neighbor gift - final

I always use labels that I've printed out -- plus a round embossed gold label, for fun. This year I added Christmas tree ornaments to the bows -- which are in the shape of a cute little sweater!

Another Christmas task out of the way, anyway... (smile)

IDIOT! Um... I just tried to put my tags in the 'music' line. I guess that the tags used to be there before, huh? So I'm still struggling with the changes to the Update page, lucky me. (sigh)

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