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Thanks, United States Postal Service. Not.

Late Saturday -- after my mail had already been delivered earlier in the day -- I head out the front door. There I find one of those plastic mail bins. Inside is carton that's completely wrapped up in plastic.

Interesting that it was brought by separately, isn't it? It's like my postal delivery person was ashamed to have me see this when the other mail was delivered!

So I head to the neighbors (as planned) -- but when I get back I bring the bin inside and lift out the package.

It's the most crushed box I've ever held in my hands -- and even with the plastic wrapped around it, it's soaking wet. On the outside is a big white sticker from the USPS that reads 'We Care.'

The full sticker reads:


Dear Postal Customer:

We sincerely regret the damage to your mail during the handling by the Postal Service. We hope this incident did not inconvenience you. We realize that your mail is important to you and that you have every right to expect it to be delivered in good condition.

Although every effort is made to prevent damage to the mail, occasionally this will occur because of the great volume handled and the rapid processing methods which must be employed to assure the most expeditious distribution possible.

We hope you understand. We assure you that we are constantly striving to improve our processing methods in order that even a rare occurrence may be eliminated.

Please accept our apologies.


Your Postmaster

crushed box
This photo doesn't begin to show how crushed the box was. I can't believe it even appears to be holding a box-like shape here, because it didn't, believe me...

Note that the cost of mailing alone was $17.10 -- not including the expense of Delivery Confirmation.

we care
I didn't see the sticker immediately, as it was on the side of the package. I can really tell that they care, by the way...

broken bottle
One of the two plastic bottles inside had been smashed enough to break the plastic lid -- which is why the entire contents had spilled all over every other item. The other bottle had huge dents that don't really show up here.

How do you do this to well-wrapped items? My sister Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I figured that a truck must have driven over it, the box was that crushed. Seriously.

wet box
The whole box was soggy and smelled of bubble gum fragrance (the bottle broken open). All the contents were soaked in the bubble bath and most were destroyed.

I feel bad for my friend who spent a lot of time to select and carefully wrap all the gifts inside the box. Then she spent a lot to mail this, as well.

I need to phone her (long distance) and thank her for the gifts. But I couldn't get myself to do it today. I can't decide whether or not to tell her about this. But if I try not to, I'm a terrible liar -- so I'd have a hard time omitting this news. (sigh)

Shouldn't the USPS have to at least compensate her for the expense of the postage?

Do they seriously expect the 'We Care' apology to make up for the incompetence displayed here? I mean, come on now!

By the way, I had to take the photos of the box in my bathtub, because of the wet mess. (And the whole house reeked of the scent of bubble gum...)

Anyway, I'm cross-posting this to bad_service (a community I just joined)...
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