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Champoeg State Park

Visited there the weekend before last. It had been ages since we'd last been! For those interested, here's the official link for Champoeg. (As one of the Oregon state parks, that is. LOL.)

We've been going since we were tiny little kids. In fact, I should go on a hunt and dig out some of the pictures from when we were little...

I recall one year that Mom made us 'Mother-Daughter' dresses that we wore. (Not Sue, though. LOL.) There we were, Mom, Marilyn and I in matching dresses. ROFL. It was kind of sweet, actually. (A weird trend though.)

We went for the annual Steamboat Picnic. I don't know the exact history, but Grandpa Ed was tied up in it. I know that we have a picture of our great-grandfather at some historic gathering related to it, but I don't know the background. Sigh.

Aunt Dorothy (my dad's youngest sister) died back in the 80's. She was the unofficial family historian. A lot of details went with her. She died so young...

Anyway, we'd go every year to the picnic. The entire family! All our aunts and uncles and cousins. Pretty exciting for our family, really!

And when we got a little older (pre-teen years), we were allowed to just run off for hours at a time. We used to play on all the trails (rough in those days--not concrete) and deliberately get 'lost.' (It was a park you could get lost in, really.) But we all became so familiar with all those trails we simply couldn't get lost. LOL.

It's a much larger park now than back then.

Anyway, we went to the Visitor Center (which is also a very nice little museum) and got our annual state parking pass. (Actually, I think Marilyn mistressmarilyn paid up for three years at once.) And got some small souvenir items. LOL.

Then we went down to the Pioneer Mothers Memorial Cabin Museum, which we hadn't been in for many years.

The new caretaker/guide, Bill Buckingham, has done a tremendous amount of work there! Done research on the items included inside and so on. It was impressive.

The cabin is a delight to visit! Actually made of logs and with rooms set up to display the way things were in pioneer days.

We bought more souvenirs (I'm sitting drinking from my mug--which has a sketch of the cabin on it) there before taking off.

On the way to the park, we stopped and visited Champoeg Cemetery. (Marilyn and I love visiting cemeteries!) There are many older graves and it was a lovely, sunny day (with birdsong filling the air). Interestingly enough, we'd never been to the cemetery before...

It's a drive out there, but it was well worth it!

I'm going to dig out the Champoeg newsletters I found after Mom died (when we were cleaning out the house). I have at least two of them from the 1950's, and Bill would love to have them. They should be there--and not sitting in a drawer here in our house!

They're in perfect condition, by the way. You'd never guess they were that old. Mom took good care of them.

Somewhere I have that picture of Grandpa. I believe it's Grandpa Tyler in the picture. I couldn't scan the entire thing unless I did it in sections, as it's very wide. (I think it's rolled up somewhere. LOL.)

I also have batches of the Steamboat buttons/pins from the time somewhere. I need to dig those out, too.

I'd love to start donating items to museums--especially some of the smaller museums.

Anyway, we need to get back there more often! We're also members of The Friends of Historic Champoeg. It's a small group, but nice people. We don't get much chance to interact with them, being so far from Champoeg compared to most of the members...

Well, I must have a nap! We were up really late (well, very early, I guess!) and had to be up early today. It's been a very busy day. I hauled and hauled things today (for the bazaar) as well as working in my closet and other parts of the house.

Mom might well have called it 'Spring Cleaning' (she believed in such things), but we just need to get rid of more stuff around here! And get organized.

Less stuff would make it much easier to clean, for one thing!

I want this office organized before I start work on the parade script. Sigh. I have to spread paper up one side and down the other when I get going on that. I started it, but there's so much to do!

Thankfully both Sue and I have been finding ourselves more willing to part with certain items we couldn't let go of back at the time of Mom's death.

It was hard. Mom and Dad's house was three stories (you had to count that huge, unfinished basement) and full of things. There we were with our own houses full of things, trying to bring it home.

We gave away tons and tons. Tossed out tons more.

It wasn't until later that I realized how many items were antiques. Or should have been museum pieces! I'm still seeing things all the time. Tons that we junked. LOL. Oh well. We had only a few months to empty that damned house, as we had to sell to pay off the loan that had given us the money to provide for Mom at the end...

Well, I'll try and post about this past weekend soon. I realize this is probably boring as hell for most of my friends, but I'm mainly doing it for myself, I guess. A nice way to keep track of things we do. LOL.

Time to round up the cats for a nap!

By the way, we're part 'black Irish' on Dad's side. The story I always heard was that our Irish relative stowed away on a ship coming to America!

Happy St. Paddy's Day! (Wish I had a green beer right now. LOL.)


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