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We Survived!

We survived the installation of the new furnace (plus air)! As of today when the electrician (finally) got here and (finally) got done, so it's a done deal. (As I mentioned before, they got the check yesterday.)

We survived yesterday's local wind storm -- and without losing power! (Thank God.) Sister Sue did lose power, though. Not good. She has it back now, however. Many here won't have power again until Monday! Imagine a weekend (right during the holidays) without power! (ugh)

We 'survived' (greatly enjoyed) the monthly meeting of our Writing Circle -- but lost Peter because his home was one of the ones that didn't have power. His girls were afraid and wanted daddy home, so that's what he had to do. The stories we read were all very good this time around -- and I was quite pleased with mine...

So, I managed to get in for a much-needed haircut this afternoon. And prior to that sister Sue picked up Taco Bell and brought it over so she and I could share lunch with no fuss and muss. (I had food and was willing to fix it, but that was her idea. And she refused to let me pay, even when I stuffed the money in her bag of chips...)

I gave two of my jackets that I don't wear to Sue, by the way. Both have hoods. The pale-colored one was close enough to yellow to look awful on me, so I'd only worn it twice. (It was just like new.) She looked darling in it! And the gray one is reversible, with mountain fleece on one side, so I imagine she'll like it, too. (She hasn't tried it on yet.)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn is at her annual Christmas lunch with the festival staff. She had a meeting this morning that was important -- and went as well as could be expected, I guess... (Yes. It's Friday and she's supposed to get it off. But taking this past Monday off made up for it.)

I need a nap in the worst way. I swear I've only had around six hours, tops, the past two nights. (sigh) I may try that now, actually...

By the way, it looks to me like they went back to the previous text for the Update page! (hurray) I'm personally delighted! But something seems to be 'glitching' here -- as I've had things jumping and so on while posting this. (???) It's nice to see that they've been very responsive to the comments they've been receiving, I think!
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