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Thanks, Kevin!

Friend KevinR kevinr sent me a new icon. I had to dump one -- typical, I suppose -- to make room for it, but it was too cool to ignore! (Thankyouthankyouthankyou, Kevin!)

So I'm basically doing an entry to show off my sweet new Kevin Richardson icon. (grin)

Okay, so I'm pissed off tonight. I tried to do an entry to popicons earlier and display some icons I made forever ago and neglected to upload.

I put the damn things at one of our domains, but I simply could not get them to display -- and I couldn't 'find' them with a browser, so even though I could 'see' them in the file there, they weren't showing up. What gives???

I lost patience with trying to get them to 'work.' (So I'll have to go back tomorrow and see what's up. Damn it.)

Jack (Ligaya's dog) went 'missing' again this past week (twice). One time alone, one time with Jill. Both times their tags helped Ligaya to locate them. Apparently they can't be stopped from digging out from under the fence! As Marilyn says, they're terriers, and no one can stop their instinct to dig! So M. thinks they should be chained up, as awful as that sounds... (Sounds better than finding one of them dead in the street, though.)

I don't think I ever put in here that I recently heard from Martha (Margaret) after all these years! Hadn't heard from her since just after the festival in 2000 (a phone call), so that's over two years ago...

She's living in Tigard, though I'm not exactly sure where. Chris (her son) now goes by Kyle. He, too, dropped out of high school, but is anxious to get his GED. (As Martha did herself, actually.) He wants to go to college, she told me. I haven't seen him since he was still a boy, so I can't picture him all grown up.

We spoke on the phone once and emailed. But I've been tied up and haven't gotten back to her since. (She'll be 40 next May. I've known her since she was 16! Amazing...)

I also got a couple of emails from Shari recently -- though they went to the 'wrong' email. (So I didn't see them for over a week.) She hadn't been able to send emails for ages, so I never expected to hear from her via email.

Well, we didn't end up having to work at the festival office this weekend as expected, so that was nice! Very. (We worked on auction baskets last weekend. It went very well, actually.)

We're two weeks from the actual auction. I have an important job to do that night, so I'll be gearing up for it...

Marilyn's job is to 'mingle' and actually bid on things. They've got some amazing things, so maybe we'll end up getting something. Who knows?

Guess that's it for now. People have been pretty quiet lately. I guess we're all pretty busy. (smile)

Hello to whoever might be reading!

Thanks, again, Kevin!

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