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New Furnace Installation...

As mentioned here, they started the installation on our new furnace today...

Marilyn mistressmarilyn took Monday off to help me prepare -- which meant gathering stuff off surfaces and boxing it up and then moving furniture. Thank God we did as much as we did in advance, by the way!

Marilyn had an early morning meeting (as usual) today -- which was a good thing. It got me up early to do what I hadn't gotten done last night. And to set up my bedroom as the place for the cats to be during much of the day. (Read that as moving in a cat box, toys and food.)

I had asked that the workmen not show up until after 9 a.m. -- which is why at 7:45 a.m. I had a knock at the front, I guess. Ryan the electrician was outside the door to have me greet him in my pajamas with my hair yet to be combed. It wasn't pretty -- and I'm not talking about how I looked! I let him get started while I fumed and finished and phoned the business to leave a complaint message... (Seriously, I wasn't all that riled with anyone. Shit happens when you're doing a job like this, so I was basically laughing about the whole thing.)

Today was a noisy, smelly (yes, I know that should be 'stinking' -- and that 'smelly' is wrong), cold and allergic day. The cats were freaked out and scared to bits during much of it. (They even howled for me at one point when I had to speak to the workmen, which was a frequent thing during the day -- and hid several times...)

The Power-Vac people had not been confirmed -- even though I'd been told they would be (and I'd personally spoken with them last week). But they came anyway -- and talk about mess and additional stress and noise. They had to go into every single room with a vent -- which meant my bedroom where the cats were, of course. So into the office we three went, with them trying to hide from the noise, poor things.

The guy helping Curt (Power-Vac) was young and quiet. He managed to step in animal feces that was in the back yard and track it all over the house, by the way. (Why is that there when my cats never go outside, by the way? Just lying in the damn grass to be walked in!) I was cleaning it up all over the place.

More furniture had to be moved around and so on. I just kept reminding myself that it was only three days.

Oh. Yeah. An easy job takes two days (which is what I was originally expecting). A hard job takes three. Guess what we are? (grin)

I took pictures that I'll download and share later. I'm happy to report that the old furnace has officially gone to 'furnace heaven' -- which in this case means being recycled for scrap, a good thing. So even in 'death' the old furnace will serve some useful purpose. It certainly did a good job for us over all these years, considering it was almost 60 years old!

I still want to share more about the incredible experience that commercial shoot was last Saturday, by the way! What an amazing day. I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Tom brought more chips yesterday -- and I 'caught' him as he snuck across the lawn! So sweet! I peeked out through the office blinds and he saw me. We both pointed at each other and were grinning like fools! (smile) Later we talked for ages on our cell phones and he mentioned my bright red manicure. (Observant of him, no?) The box had many bags of my beloved Dill Pickle chips that he'd gacked for me, darling boy.

In spite of everything going on here, I did manage to finally finish one of the tutorials I've been working on! The 'glass button' effect, which looks like this:
glass button

Those interested can see the actual tutorial here.

I really want to get the snowglobe tutorial done, though! (Maybe tomorrow???)

Anyway, what a tiring and busy day. Thankfully I talked the guys into moving the bookcase that was blocking the TV (!!!) and shifting things enough that we could be comfortable in the family room for tonight. Hell, only two more days of this insanity and we'll have a brand new (working) furnace!

Tonight we're using the borrowed (fancy) space heater from our friends/neighbors, so it's plenty warm in here.

But the weather outside is frightful! We're having a huge storm locally -- rain and wind. (ugh)

Anyway, as it's headed toward 12:30 a.m., I'll close for tonight. Another 'big day' tomorrow! (Poor kitties.)

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