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Be sure to read this this entry at news -- which updates us on all the holiday goodies available this year!

For example, the 'Give More' promotion (repeated from last year, for those who recall it) is back again. Starting as of today (December 7), when we a gift of paid account time for someone, we automatically also give them the userpic add-on -- for free. That means when we give a gift of say 12 months paid account, the recipient would also get an upgrade to 100 userpics for those 12 months! And as I'm the type who can't live without extra icons, this is something I can really go for. (smile) This is frequently true for my circle of friends here at LJ, as well.

LJ's 'Give More' offer runs for a limited time (from now through December 31, 2006 -- 23:59 PST), so we need to get over to the LJ Gift Shop and give, give, give. (grin)

(Note: As was true last year, this offer only applies to gifts purchased for other users -- and not for paid time that you purchase for your own account.)

I just wish they make the purchase of permanent accounts available over the holidays! Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I have each been dying to buy one for ages now...

LJ Permanent Account -- from FAQ

Well, and what better gift is there to give someone than paid time -- or a virtual gift? (Yes, I love virtual gifts!)

After all, 'tis the season... (smile)

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