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Birthday, 2006

Not what I planned, exactly... (smile)

But it turned out to be a very nice day, even so.

I decided to go ahead and go to sister Sue's house to sort the clothes. (sigh) A big task that tired all of us, but I'm glad we finally finished that task!

Nicole was home from school today, because she had intestinal issues -- mainly really bad gas. I think both Sue and Candy must have expected me to disapprove -- but I thought it was one of the best excuses ever for keeping an eight-year-old home from school! I remember those days in grade school when I had that problem. You'd feel sick from trying to hold in the gas -- and when you couldn't manage it the other kids were very cruel!

And it was a delight to see Nicole, who is growing like a weed. She's such a lovely child and quite smart. She'd written some poems on her own that she ran off to share with me. They show quite a bit of talent and humor -- very clever! I think her Aunt Marilyn mistressmarilyn would be quite impressed. Plus she read them out loud to me -- and she does that really well, too! I told her how there were many adults who couldn't read out loud well -- and praised the poems. I wanted to 'borrow' them -- bring them home and type them out. But she got very antsy about parting with them -- and I totally understood. I'll hopefully do that another time...

Sue gave me two bday cards that contained a Starbucks card (love 'em) and a B. Daltons card. Candy and Nicole gave me a card with $$$ inside. (Which they can't afford, but when I said 'no' Candy told me to be gracious and take it -- so I did.) Nicole went into her bedroom and returned with her own gift for me -- a tiny dolphin figurine. I was touched that she'd do that...

Then we went through numerous huge garbage sacks full of clothes and shoes. Most will go to friend Martha, who can't afford much these days. She's supporting herself, plus her grown non-working son, his non-working wife and their two-year-old -- on a job that pays barely above minimum wage. When I asked her if she'd be interested in the clothes, she jumped at the offer -- and she mentioned that she had holes in all her shoes. Awful thought, considering she has to walk quite a long way to get mass transit to go to work...

Some of the clothes we took to friend Shari, who we went to see today. I doubt she'll keep any of them, frankly, but at least we took them. She's not anywhere near as bad off as Martha, so it doesn't matter, really. She manages to buy her own clothes and shoes with no problem -- but then she lives alone and only has herself to worry about.

After we'd finished going through the clothes -- with Nicole's help -- Sue and I took off to go to Shari's. (Candy had kindly loaded all the bags into the car. I think she said something like 14, total! The bags for Martha are in the trunk for our trip on Wednesday.)

We only went in briefly at Shari's. She gave me my bag of bday gifts, some tissue paper she'd gotten on sale and a Christmas gift. Then we went to Starbuck's and had coffee. (Well, Shari doesn't drink coffee, so she had a sugarfree Steamer.) We took Shari back home and then went out for lunch -- Sue's treat. Again, Sue can't afford it, but she spoke for a union gathering last night and they gave her an honorium -- and she used part of that to pay.

I also got take-out to bring home for dinner tonight, which was nice!

And Mitch phoned me to offer me bday greetings, which was sweet of him.

I still need to wash my hair before bed so I can color it tomorrow morning. This is essential, as we have the annual Christmas party at the Waverly Country Club tomorrow night! I just went and googled to see if I could find a website for this very fancy and exclusive club, but apparently they don't have one. Nor could I locate any photos of the place, which decorates so beautifully for Christmas! So I'll try and take along my camera and snap some pictures, I think... (smile)

I still haven't finished up my tutorials and posted them, but I'm close to at least two! So that's another bday accomplishment...

Marilyn has an early-morning meeting tomorrow (what a long day for her!!!) and the next day, too. So she plans to wash her hair tonight, too, so she doesn't have to get up and do it in the morning. It's a plan! (grin)

My big (and much anticipated) present -- from Marilyn -- will be purchased tomorrow, when it becomes available: "Miami Vice"

I. Can. Hardly. Wait! (smile)

She's buying me both versions, too! Excited, excited, excited!

Time to wash my hair!

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