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Busy Day...

Thanks for the greetings, Marilyn mistressmarilyn and Geta ohmorningglory -- they are much appreciated!

I'm currently working away at several (sigh) tutorials, including a tutorial on how to create the 'photo edge' effect, as in these icons:




And one how to make 'glass buttons' from an image (without using plugins/filters):


I actually think the button turned out pretty good -- and looks pretty glass-like. It's not that easy to get a glass look in PSP without a plugin, but I came up with this one with trial and error this weekend...

Sister Sue and I are headed to sort through clothes to take to a friend in Milwaukie who needs it. (We'll take the rest this Wednesday to my other friend in Hillsboro, who needs clothes even more -- and some shoes, too.) We'll go to Milwaukie as soon as we're done...

I'm fighting a small bout of vertigo today, I'm afraid. I'm reluctant to take a pill, because they make me so sleepy I have to go to bed afterwards... So I'm struggling through. I want to get these jobs out of the way, come hell or high water.

Sue's excited to get rid of all these large-sized clothes, now that she's skinny! So it works out nice for everyone...

Sue's here! Gotta run!

Tags: 2006, december-2006, geta, marilyn, sister-sue

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