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Declawing Your Cat...

I had meant to lj-cut this, everyone! Sorry about that! It's lengthy, so I'll edit and do that now... (yikes)

One of my friends (Sav siriuslysmitten) has posted a poll in her journal about the declawing issue...

This is apparently a very emotional matter for many people. But having owned cats my entire life (literally) -- and having had two cat that were declawed -- I know a little bit about the subject.

For the record, cats who are declawed still have their back claws. They only remove the front claws. That means that in a fight with another animal, these cats can still kick and claw like hell using their back claws. Plus the loss of front claws means that these cats compensate by biting more than the average cat would.

In other words, these cats aren't defenseless by a long shot.

(For those who doubt this, I'll gladly go into great detail about Indy and how he defended himself...)

It's interesting to see how strongly anti-declawing some people are -- yet they don't appear to have sound reasoning to explain why they feel that way. And how do you justify being opposed to something if you don't know very much about it? Declawing isn't the cruel maiming that people make it out to be, believe me.

By the way, we're not planning to declaw our current cats. Most of the cats we've owned have not been declawed, I admit. But that doesn't mean I'd ever condemn the procedure! I've seen it up close and personal and know that it works quite well...

I'm not trying to say that making a choice not to declaw is wrong. (As I said, we've made that choice many times for a variety of reasons.) But I don't feel it's right to push that choice on others, either. I could easily sit here and make a long list of reasons in favor of declawing.

Plus I've seen how serious cat scratches can be. A close friend developed Cat Scratch Disease and had to have surgery and be hospitalized because of it. All those scratches we're constantly getting are no laughing matter, in other words. (No. That possibility hasn't stopped me from having cats -- nor would it. There are risks with all aspects of life, after all.)

Anyway, I suppose my major question would be: Why is this issue so emotional?

When an issue becomes emotional in nature, then people frequently will let go of logic during friendly debate.

There's probably few people alive who love cats more than I do. (I've only had a few short periods ever where I was cat-less -- and those were hard times!) I'm fairly knowledgeable about cats, as a result. No expert, surely. But I know a thing or two. (smile) So I don't come to this without some actual basis for my support of declawing.

And don't try to tell me it's inhumane. (Seriously. Don't.)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn has this to say about declawing. She wonders if any of the people who are anti-declawing are parents and have sons. And if they are parents of sons, did they have their baby boy's foreskin removed? Or did they wait and give him the choice to do it when he was old enough to decide for himself? In this case we're talking about human beings who will gain reason over time. Every day people make the choice to do this to male children and most people think nothing of it...

Let's face it. We make choices for others (human and pets) all the time. It's simply a fact of life.

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