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Charlie's 'Combat Card'

To heck with it -- I'm now going to make this a public post! (I never did see why I should make it 'friends only'!!!)

As mentioned before, this was gacked from Deb otherdeb.

And this meme is actually fun! (smile)

watch charliemc fight

Currently I have four 'children':
brn_gamble brn_gamble
the_kaytinator the_kaytinator
thyrfing amnoturmonkey
slian_martreb slian_martreb

So don't more of you want to give this a try? It's easy! Just enter your LJ username and then cut and paste the code in an entry of your journal... But watching yourself fight is part of the fun, too! (smile)

And of course I can't help watching my 'children' fight, as well! (grin)

What the hell. What would LJ be like without a meme now and then?
Tags: 2006, brn_gamble, meme, november-2006, slian_martreb, the_kaytinator

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