CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

New Furnace!

I totally forgot to say...

We're getting our new furnace installed on December 12 and 13! (It takes a day to remove the old one and do the cleaning before they install the new one, I guess.) We're using the oil company we've been getting oil from since the time when Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I still lived at home with Mom and Dad. It's a wonderful family-owned business that's been so good to us over the years.

Supposedly they won't start until after 9:00 a.m. each day (something I always insist on). I can't imagine having a new furnace. The one we currently have has apparently been here since the house was built, if you can believe that. It has a sort of rumble that it makes when it fires up that I'm sure we'll both miss.

But it's going to be great to have central air as well as heat now! And a new (read decent) themostat that hopefully will better regulate the heat. (In the fall and winter it's always too cold or too hot most of the time.)

We haven't done anything new around the house since we put the new walk and porch in last April, so this is exciting! (smile)

Of course, that's how it is when you have a house. You're always doing something to it.

Which reminds me that I forgot to call the guy to come and fix our drains! Damn. I need to get on that tomorrow...

Tags: 2006, furnace, new-furnace, november-2006

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