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Busy, Busy Day! Dentist, Blanket Design and More...

What a busy day.

I did get to my dental appointment with no problem. $220 later (sigh), I got the right side taken care of. A cavity filled on top and a filling repaired on the bottom. Right now the numbness is wearing off and it hurts 'like billy hell' (as my parents used to say).


At least sister Sue and I went to Starbucks today. I had a lovely Gingerbread Latte! (And Sue brought over both ham and baked beans. Yum.) Maybe we'll have fried ham and eggs for dinner. (Or this weekend for brunch one day.)

I've been working (again) on the Centennial blanket design. I think I mentioned that before when I was doing the original rose elements... Anyway, Penny, Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I have been tweaking like mad today. We're on heavy, heavy deadline to finish this and get it to the Pendleton people as it takes quite a bit of time to turn it around and produce a finished product. Doing the actual graphics stuff -- plus phone calls -- has taken up a good portion of my day, anyway.

Wow. Did the temperature ever take a major dip when the sun went down! Suddenly the house seemed ice cold and I had to 'fire up' the furnace again. (And let's not even talk about what walking outside is like right now!)

Poor Kittie Scarlett had a poop accident today. (Long, fluffy fur on a cat can cause these sorts of problems now and then. After all, they can't wipe like we can!) I probably need to trim the fur on her tail and backside, but I'll need Marilyn's help to even try. Cleaning her up today was hard enough!

She seemed to be mortified, by the way. Seriously! And Colin wouldn't let her alone (probably the smell drew him), so she was spitting and trying to scoot away from him and it was drama, drama, drama...

Thank you, Qwest, for making my day a lot harder. Email is screwed up (as it has been for days), so I've had trouble both sending and receiving it -- and the whole blanket project requires me to be able to email the designs! (I gave Qwest a piece of my mind and they actually altered our bill as a result. Which I think is only fair!) So I'm suddenly getting in emails from days ago -- when I can get email at all. It's on and off and on and off and frustrating as hell.

Plus our actual internet connection still seems spotty -- as it has been for weeks now. (sigh) So I've got my fingers crossed that this will even post.

But unfortunately I was able to send out an email yesterday that managed to offend and/or upset some of my friends. I was actually on the verge of tears about that mess -- and so very sorry I'd forwarded it along. It was sent to me by my niece Candy. Hell, I thought it was funny. But it included an element that others didn't find amusing.

snow dick -- fires snowballs

It was a play on all those emails we get this time of year where someone hits you with a 'snowball.' And I guess I see why it bothered some people, but I still think it's funny... Oh well. I clearly have no judgement.

Hey? If you're offended by this that's tough. I warned you not to come back here and look! But feel free to tell me, anyway. I can take it.

But Tom (Marilyn's bf) seemed to get it -- and he was delightful in his return email! He asked how the photographer had managed to get the picture of him -- and told me it was 'to scale.' (smile) And he asked me if I could get the negatives back for him. You know what? I love that man. (He writes the best emails, too...

Anyway, if my email was bound and determined to screw up, how about failing to deliver that doozy (that only a few people seem to have appreciated)?

Not a chance. (sigh) If dad was alive he'd say something about Murphy's Law right about now... (Damn email.)

Speaking of Dad, it's garbage and recycling night -- and (as I said before) bitter cold outside! But at least it's not raining -- yet. (There's the rub.)

I was hoping the freezing rain might pass us by, but if anything at all comes out of the sky it's going to be frozen in some way. There's no doubt in my mind about that. And the reports say it's on the way...

Have I mentioned recently how much I hate freezing rain???

So I've got most of the garbage and recycling done now -- but I sure wish I'd tackled it earlier. (When it wasn't as cold out.) Brr. I noticed that the impatients are now hammered out back -- when on Monday they were still lovely! (I have a photo of that somewhere to prove it, too...) Those plants don't like the cold any more than I do. (grin)

Oh. And I'm supposed to have 2,000 words done by the end of this month for our Writing Circle. I'm currently at right around 1,400 words. But fortunately we're not meeting next week as planned, so I'll have extra time to finish up. I'd thought last night that I might get to that today, but so far it's no go. (And considering the time...)

Well, I need to quit stalling and get back to work. (Ouch! Sore mouth!) And when Marilyn gets home from work I'll fix dinner...

Of course I did start a short tutorial this morning (on manually fixing red eye). But it should prove no surprise to anyone that I didn't get it finished. (sigh)

And before I forget, I heard from cousin Linda today! (And she gave me her cell phone number.)
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