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Meme Alert! (Gems?)

What GEM Defines YOU as a Lover? by april_diamond
Your NAME:
Fave color of these:
Basic Mood:
Fave food?
Your Love GEM is:Emerald
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

And I have so much I want to share here!

Went to Fort Clatsop this weekend--never been before!

Climbed to the top of the Astoria Column--164 steps!

Last weekend we went to Champoeg Park...

I have pictures and links! And stories.

We also did (of course) some aerobic shopping (as we like to call it). LOL.

No time on the computer over the weekend, though (really). And not much today, either.

Time for coffee and grapefruit. (Still Lent and still doing fine with no sweets and candy. But we both had an 'ice cream' moment when we saw people eating it this past weekend! LOL.) Like Nik and April, we're hung up on Jamba Juice! (I was surprised to hear they have it back there. For whatever reason, I thought it was a west coast beverage. I know it originated in California...)

Maybe I'll get a chance to post tomorrow (hopefully).

I did ride my bike today--short ride, though. (Didn't do my Sana Session! My bad.)

I need to color my hair...

I want to set sister Sue up with a blog. I wonder if she'll be able to manage it or not...

Anyway, she and her daughter Candy and granddaughter Nicole headed down to the beach for a couple of days as of this morning. (Surprise to me, but then I didn't speak to her all weekend long.)

Talked briefly to cousin Linda today, though. Might try and see her on Friday. (It's never easy to arrange, even though she lives here in town.)

I didn't talk to June today. I wonder how Pauline is doing? (Pauline had heart surgery last Thursday. It went well, thankfully.) I've got cards and present for both Pauline and June, so I need to get over there. (Maybe tomorrow. I tried calling today, but nobody was around. Might have been with Pauline, so no surprise there...)

Well, the coffee's brewed and it's just past midnight, so I'm off for now! Hugs to my friends!

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