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Making Snow Globes Using PSP and AS3

I thought I'd try my hand at making the ever-popular snow globes, using Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop 3.

It's far easier than I would have thought, actually!

Here's the first one I tried, with an autumn theme...

snow globe sample

And here's one I made that uses an actual photo of one of our doors here at home with an autumn decoration hanging on it -- plus one of the leaf tubes I made some time back for the animation.

small version:
signature snow globe small

The large version is under the cut.

large version:
signature snow globe large

Nice, isn't it? (smile)

So I guess the question is, should I tackle a tutorial on how to create this, or not? There are apparently a ton of tutorials out there, although in checking them over I don't think any of them were the way I did this...

Well, tutorial or no, this was fun! I'm glad I tried it.

Tags: 2006, november-2006

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