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Snow -- an Update.

For the record, I was basically off line all day long yesterday. Qwest was having issues 'in all states' -- according to the recording I got to hear over and over (and over) again. (sigh)

So you might have missed reading my entry for Monday morning that I posted considerably later...

Yes, we got some ice and a scattering of snow. But no, not enough to put Portland Public Schools on delayed start (two hours) -- and what happens with the schools is how they determine whether or not to close the festival office, or have a delayed opening.

So Marilyn mistressmarilyn had to be up and off to her 7:30 a.m. meeting in spite of the weather. (sigh)

The temperature in our house was hovering just above 60' this morning.

It looks like we're not expected to get any more snow today. But Thursday might be dicey, as we're probably going to get freezing rain. (ugh)

Marilyn had to drive home in terrible sleet from her late evening meeting last night. Awful! I was really glad when she got home safe and sound...

We're back on line today, thankfully. We got back up last night, although it wasn't a great connection. (On and off and on and off -- and slower than hell.) And we never got email until quite late...

What gives with the constant internet and email issues with Qwest lately? I don't get it...

Colin was sneezing like mad last night and might be sick again. Poor baby! He gets cold easily because of having such short fur.

And Scarlett was freaking out this morning, looking outside and acting like we had huge snow drifts -- instead of a scattering of snow. I guess she remembers what it was like to live outdoors and be at the mercy of the bad weather. She's in my lap right now as I type this -- and he's on a chair right next to me, all curled up.

I've had a nice cup of Chai tea already this morning. I had several of those yesterday! I'd get so cold and then come inside and have a cup of tea and head back out. The final cup was laced with flavored brandy -- and preceded a nice soak in a hot bath!

Fortunately, Marilyn's drive to work turned out okay. She said there were far fewer cars on the road than normal -- and I can believe that. It probably sounds weird to those of you who live in really snowy areas, but keep in mind that this is Portland!

We don't do snow.

Nobody here knows how to drive in bad weather, because we don't get it. Actually, that's far from true! We get a ton of rain here -- and I mean rain. Driving, pouring rain. Rain that makes standing water on streets. It's not easy to drive in, either.

But rain isn't snow. (smile)

I guess we'll worry about Thursday and the potential freezing rain when we get there... (sigh)


And I did get some of the Thanksgiving decorations packed up before I finally quit working for the day...

I have photos of our decos that I hope to share. I just need to upload them!

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