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As an aside, I can't get online this morning. Qwest is down 'in all states' (according to the recording). So I'm typing this up to post later when I'm connected again. By the way, it certainly seems like we've had a lot of issues with getting online via Qwest the last two months! (bah)

Just so you understand -- it doesn't snow here in Portland, Oregon.

That's not to say that it's never snowed here -- or that it can't snow here. When I was in high school Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I were staying out at our sister Sue's house (which at that time was just on the border of SW Portland into Gresham) and we literally got snowed in there. The drifts were incredible! I still recall taking a walk and moving through them... (smile)

I missed a day of school and got the only 'pink slip' I ever had in high school for an 'unexcused absence.' I remember when I gave it to my drama teacher to sign he made a noise and remarked that it was one of the best excuses for missing school that he'd ever seen -- so he couldn't imagine the front office calling it unexcused. (grin)

I'm digressing...

We rarely-if-ever get snow in November. I can probably count on both hands (one hand?) how many times it's snowed in Portland (in lower elevations) during my lifetime in November. Seriously.

Sometimes we get a little -- and I do mean little -- snow in December or January. We've rarely-if-ever had snow in February or March, but it's happened. Again, when I say a little snow, I mean a little snow. We're far more likely to get freezing rain (ugh) than snow.

But the forecast is for snow today and possibly tomorrow.


The pump is still in our backyard fountain, so I need to get outside pronto and remove it to the garage for the winter.

I need to get a new tarp and cover the swing on the deck that's holding the cushions from our outdoor furniture.

I need to take some cloth and try to cover the plants that have the potential to 'winter.' I won't mess with most of the plants, but a few. (I've already brought the hybiscus inside, so that's done, anyway!)

And I need to do these things now -- because the snow is potentially going to hit mid-day.

I wish I'd had a decent day to tackle this last week.

(Hm. Or maybe I did and just neglected it... Could be.)

It's later now.

I just returned from taking the pump out of the fountain. It was full of icy cold water and I felt like someone on the Titanic as I tackled it! I had to tug and tug inside that cold water and my hands were so freezing. (No gloves because of the water, of course.) Then the pump finally pulled free. I dashed in the house and held my hands under the tap while running cold water (that I finally made tepid). It felt like bathing my hands in hot water!

Then back outside to put the winter cap on the outdoor faucet in back (I'd forgotten that task) -- which I still need to do in front. I also moved some items into the garage and measured some other things that need tarping. (sigh) I'd forgotten about the bike Earl (Rock) gave me, which seriously needs covering...

I'm heading to the store soon to get the tarps I need. Then I'll come back and start covering things.

Of course, this being Portland we might not get the predicted snow at all. I can't even say how often the local weathermen get it wrong when they predict snow... Still, this needed to be done sooner or later, so I guess it's is a good thing...

I was planning to spend the day taking down and packing away our Thanksgiving decorations -- then start the cleaning prior to bringing out the Christmas decorations. I did get a start on 'taking Thanksgiving down' -- as we've always called it -- though.

The packing up and putting away takes the most time. (It's not easy to get to the spot under the stairs where we store the boxes...)

We have our first Christmas decoration up, anyway! The beautiful new wreath we got for our front door some months back.

I think I'll make a list of what needs to be done and check things off as I go...
  1. Buy tarps.check!
  2. Remove pump from fountain.check!
  3. Empty water from fountain.check!
  4. Cover fountain with tarp.check!
  5. Cover bike (in back) with tarp.check!
  6. Cover swing with tarp.check!
  7. Cover table and chair with tarp.check!
  8. Cover back faucet.check!
  9. Cover front faucet.check!
  10. Cover picnic table with tarp.check!
  11. Cover front begonias with cloth.check!
  12. Cover flowers in back with cloth.check!

I have to smile at how easy that sounds when I say 'cover with tarp.' Not. Easy. Just unfolding and moving the tarps is a big pain. Then I use the tarp tape, bungee cords, etc. to hold the tarps in place -- which takes ages, by the way. (I came up with another way to hold the tarp on the fountain that involved big wires and worked great, I'm happy to say.)

Hey, I've phoned Qwest so many times I can't even say... (grr) What gives?

For the record, I've typed this entire entry up in NoteTab Pro and will save it to post later -- when I'm finally back on line again.

Whenever that might be... (sigh)

The weather forecast continues to be nasty -- and I do mean nasty. Sounds like we might get the dread freezing rain later this week. (ugh)

No, Portland doesn't do well with snow or other really bad weather during the winter.

Hey, isn't it bad enough that we've had the wettest November in recorded history??? Rain, rain, rain. (And the month isn't even over yet!)
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