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OryCon 28

This weekend was OryCon 28. Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I got our memberships really late, but we did finally get them. (smile)

We had a good time, even though we don't care much for the new location of the con. And we did our duty and took the flyers for the 'Pirate Rendezvous' during the next (Centennial) festival in 2007, handing them out and posting them all over. There were lots and lots of pirates everywhere!

And I had the opportunity to wear my wonderful pirate hat and my cloak. (The hat got numerous compliments, by the way.)

We attended the 'Midnight Erotica Readings' panel (that actually started at 11:30 and ran until past 1:00 a.m.) and enjoyed it very much!

One of the readings (by a non-panelist) was by Alienne Desomond femme_infidele, another LJ user. So when I heard that, I naturally had to run over and ask for her LJ username. (I also discovered that the panel moderator has an LJ, too, for those interested -- darklady_produc.)

Marilyn had actually taken along a fanfic to potentially read -- not knowing if they'd allow slash, or not. But the works read were all non-fanfic, so she skipped the idea. We're thinking that next year we might get a room at OryCon and then post fliers and have fanfic readings in our room. It's one of the negatives of the con that they've never been very supportive (involved with?) fanfic. (Hell, it took them years to get into anything that wasn't entirely book-oriented, as for that...)

As noted above, the panel moderator was Theresa Reed (better known as Darklady) She read a blatantly outrageous and humorous piece titled "Mother May I." (Her official website is located here.)

Theresa Reed
Theresa Reed

While hunting for a photo of Theresa to share here at LJ, I came across another Theresa Reed who is clearly her mother. (The family resemblance is amazing, actually.)

Rhiannon Louve would probably interest some of my friends, as she's very involved with RPG (role playing games). Actually, that's where she's been published -- in numerous RPG books.

I had a hard time locating a photo of her online -- the best I could find was this one from 2002. (I should have taken a photo of the panelists. I thought about it at one point, but figured it might be rude to do during the readings...)

Rhiannon Louve
Rhiannon Louve

I can't locate any biography on line for Rhiannon, even though I'm sure she's well known in game playing circles. (Try googling her and you'll see what I mean!) But when introducing herself she did mention being a plus size model. She was the panelist who read a slashy fiction that featured a male role playing game character involved with another male character (that I think she said was an NPC -- non-player character). She said the GM (game master) had determined the incident she read about had not occurred when she tried including it in a game. (I don't understand much about these types of RPGs, but I gather it's not okay to just throw in slash here and there... smile...)

Rhiannon Louve's RPG book

Dianna Rodgers
Dianna Rodgers

Dianna Rodgers is clearly an accomplished writer who has been published numerous times. She has no website of her own and seemed a bit bemused that anyone would expect it when I asked the question of all three panelists. It seems odd to me in this day and age that anyone wouldn't have a blog, at least. But obviously that's just me... (smile)

Dianna Rodgers in 'Best Women's Erotica 2001

Here's a screencap of Dianna's bio.
Dianna Rodgers bio

Anyway, all four pieces that were read were quite different, which both Marilyn and I enjoyed. It just shows what a wide variety the word 'erotic' can encompass...

You know, it's quite fascinating to see how these three women have taken their passions and managed to make careers out of them, by the way.

Well, in spite of deciding not to get a room at the con hotel (can you say expensive?), we managed to spend plenty of $$$. (smile) I got a jewelry clasp for my cape that's really nice! Marilyn got a pirate hat and the Slytherin school tie (which she wore today). And I got a new necklace that I really like. (I need to take a photo and share the design as I think it might make a great tattoo for my left arm...)

By the way, we live so close to the con that it wasn't at inconvenient to drive back and forth. OryCon is now held in downtown Portland, which means parking alone is expensive. (Even if you're staying at the hotel it's another $23 per day for parking! Can you imagine?) Until last year the con hadn't been held in downtown for a couple decades. We both miss the previous location, which was right next to where our sister Sue lives, by the way...

As for the rest of the con, we ran into some people we hadn't seen in years and years. And attended the chocolate tasting, which is always fun. But the dance was a disappointment (no bar!!!). However we did go to the Pirate Party for a drink. (grin) Just hanging out is always fun, too...

All in all we had a good time and are looking forward to attending again next year. (Even if we didn't manage to purchase our memberships today, as planned.)

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