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"Harry Potter"

I never really post much about "Harry Potter," do I?

I love reading and re-reading the books, even though there's plenty in those books that I actually don't like.

No. I'm not going to say more than that. I'm well aware that many people feel Rowling is like God and can do no wrong. I've seen this before, by the way. I remember back to when friends and associates believed Gene Roddenberry was God. (sigh) I met the man and you can trust me when I say he was no god -- far from it. Years later I met his wife (after his death). And she told me stories that made it clear she didn't think he was God, either. But that's all another story, right? (smile)

Anyway, I like the books enough to read and re-read them, so...

I find them what I like to call 'comfort books.' I generally read them before taking a nap. And when I do I picture Harry, friends and foes as looking the way they do in the movies, which I love. So, no, I'm not a "Harry Potter" 'purist' -- as has been true for much of my life I'm into the movies.

Anyway, I've been roaming around and reading a lot of HP slash lately. And viewing a lot of HP art, as well. And I've been randomly friending people who write and draw HP. I know, I know -- random friending is probably frowned on by many. But it's how I've gotten to know many people on line, so I'm sticking with it. I intend no offense to anyone, so hopefully I'm not being offensive in doing it. But what the hell, friending is easier than bookmarking and assures I'll check the journals that interest me!

I wonder how I'd fit into the organized (?) fandom of HP. I've never really done much there. Since the negative experiences we had in the Aragorn/Legolas fandom, I'm a bit more cautious about entering new fandoms. But I'm highly amused by some of the things I've heard about HP fandom and all the drama... (grin)

Look, there's been drama in fandom since the beginning. And lots of negative people who were out mainly to screw up the fun of others in whatever given fandom. Some people basically seem to exist to be assholes -- and only want to wield power, show off, be exclusive and so on, rather than encouraging anyone and everyone to join in the fandom fun. I've seen this over and over again and I know that in the long run these people are the losers. They miss the chance to be friends with like-minded individuals -- and to get to know interesting people of differing views, as well. Many, many fandoms have been good to me over the years -- and I've been lucky enough to make close friends around the world as a result. All drama aside. (smile)

I notice that having an OTP in HP fandom appears to be very, very important to many. But I'm really open to numerous pairings -- including het. Yes, I always lean toward slash, but I'm often open to het, believe it or not...

So while I love Harry/Draco, I also love Harry/Snape. And I've read and appreciated Harry/Ron, too (which I really don't see).

In recent weeks (months?) I've seen some amazing art and read some good fics and have had altogether a jolly time hanging around the fandom.

Yes, I've been reading HP fic since the beginning, actually. But I never really got hung up on the fandom entirely. Just too busy, I guess. (smile)

Am I excited for the new movie? You bet!

Do I look forward to the next book? Yes.

By the way, when I mention HP art, I include the many amazing icons I've seen and admired! (Yes, it's always going to be a thing for me. I love icons and am often drawn to check out an entry or comment because of a good icon attached to it...) At one point I had a lot more "Harry Potter" icons. But I feel more and more constricted by the limits of my 100+ allowance. I know. I have more than 100 icons! What am I bitching about? Well, you should see all the icons I can't have! And I've now resorted to removing seasonal icons because I just need more room... (grin)

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