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And... For Becky...

As if blocking comments will keep us from commenting! (Ha. Right!)

(For those interested, I'm referring to this entry! LOL.)

It just forced me to do an entry as my comment. ROFL.

I feel your pain, Becky beckyo.

Let's just say I've been there. Maybe not exactly, but probably close.

Takes me back to when I was running (president of) an international fan club. Very early (pre-internet) computer days. (We were pretty proud to have our membership in a data base and to do all our many many written materials via word processing...)

The nightmare stories I could share! LOL.

I was even threatened by a man doing time in prison. (But I became penpals with another inmate, so I guess that balanced things. And at one time he phoned me and offered to 'take care of' a certain troublemaker... Scary, I have to admit.) The guy didn't suggest killing me. But he was pretty nasty, even so...

Fans of any sort can range from mildly 'into' something (an extreme I'm not that fond of, personally) to insane (literally). And every flavor between those extremes.

When I say insane, by the way, I'm not talking someone who gets on a little rant. I'm speaking of people who need professional help. (I've known far too many of those in all my years in fandom.)

The best thing about most online activities is that they generally stay online. (Thankfully.) I used to get hate mail and phone calls. And I don't even want to go into the physical (face-to-face) encounters! Whew.

I can feel that. Your head beating against that brick wall, Becky. I've been there. (Hell, if I'm being honest I have to admit to full-out rage, red face and all. And tears, sometimes. Sigh.)

Fans. Gotta love 'em!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn always reminds me that the word 'fan' comes from the word 'fanatic.' Food for thought every time she says it...

Hang in there! (Hugs coming your way...)


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