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NaNoWriMo 2006 and a Rose Blanket Design

I'm really struggling with NaNo this year. (sigh)

Here's the problem...

Last year I did 50,000 words on a novel that I really, really want to finish. I think it might have the potential to be published. But I also think it's probably only 1/3 of the way done (if that). So another 50,000 words this year would be terrific!

But as I try to just write more, I've discovered that what I really need is a serious re-write of the original manuscript.

I spent ages working on a chapter today only to discover that it contradicts a chapter from last year -- one of my best chapters from last year, actually! Yet it lays some essential groundwork for the premise of my story. And though I'm writing a children's book, it has a rather detailed premise that still needs additional defining.

What's interesting here is that when I try to describe it to people it comes off as weird. But if these same people could read a chapter or two, I think they'd find it charming.

Or maybe not! (smile)

Well, I need to figure out right now if I'm wasting time with contradictory chapters, because there's no point to that! I'd rather skip NaNo 2006 entirely than end up messing with the work from last year that is sound...

On an entirely different note, I spent several hours today working on a rose pattern for a blanket the festival wants to sell in conjunction with the Centennial.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn brought home the full pattern for the blanket design -- so now I can see that I need to pretty much toss out what I've done previously and give it another try. But I'm probably going to scan in the design of the blanket and re-work the entire thing and see what I can come up with.

This is a traditional Indian design that must contain exactly nine elements, but Marilyn and I agree that the rose needs to be the central design element. Plus I may change the colors, as well...

It's nice to be able to do this sort of thing when necessary, I have to admit!

I still want to post about my dear, departed friend Wayne -- and my dear, departed friend Gertrude, too.

Saturday (Wayne's wake) was so hard. Much moreso than I'd have guessed.

And this week I finally managed to do an online search that confirmed that Gertrude died back in 1998 -- the same year our dad died. But ironically enough, Gertrude died two days after my birthday. I know, I know -- that was ages ago. But I never got to officially grieve for her, because I could never find out if and when she had actually died.

Of course, Mom and I had figured that she'd died, because we had Christmas cards returned. (Mom was still alive until after the Christmas of 1999 -- and even though Mom didn't really know Gertrude, she exchanged cards with her for years.) Again, I found it hard not knowing for certain -- and I wasn't in touch with anyone else who could confirm that Gertrude had, indeed, died. (sigh) I think I want to take my research info and some other things and make an entry here that's a memorial to her. I find it very frustrating that there's no sign of her art anywhere online when you google her! So I might just have to find a way to scan some of the things she gave me years ago... (I'll deal with the size issue when I get to it, as my scanner probably isn't big enough for the pieces I own. Figures.)

I also need to start my Writing Circle submission for November, with the topic Things Left Unsaid. The original hope was to work that topic into our NaNo project, but i don't think I can. (At least, I can't see a way to do that at this point.) So that's another 2,000 I need to tackle before the end of the month.

It's certainly a busy time, as always!

Oh -- and Marilyn goes on vacation as of Friday (November 17-26). She always tries to take off Thanksgiving week and only missed it the November prior to my January 2003 hysterectomy. (She had to 'save' the vacation time to take off for caring for me after I got out of the hospital.)
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