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Stuck the Oil.

Ordered Oil!

Um. Let's put it this way: We're out of oil.

I mean, we're more out of oil than I've ever let any house I was living it get out of oil. Seriously. We've got around 45 gallons left in the tank -- and I've never let any tank go below 60 gallons. (That I can remember, anyway.) You can have the dread 'into the sludge' thing happen if you let it go too low...


I should have stuck it before now, as we generally order the first part of November. But what with being sick all that time and the whole 'bidding for a new furnace' thing going on, I just let it go. My bad!

The good news is that while I've never before been able to get same-day delivery for oil, they actually have a truck coming out to North Portland this afternoon! So we'll have oil before night time. Thank the good Lord!

As it is I've got the furnace turned off now -- and it's a tad cold in here. (smile) So I've got my corduroy shirt on to stay warm. (And brrrrr -- it was cold going out to stick the oil, even with a jacket and gloves on!)

I've been forcing myself to wear my gloves more lately, because the cold bothers my hands so damn much now.

I'm bad about things like that. I never button or zip any coat or jacket. Never have and probably never will. With the exception of when we've got freezing rain or snow and I have to be outside in it. I often don't cover my head, either, or carry an umbrella. Or wear my gloves. Or wear a scarf.

I like to go barefoot in the house the year round, so it's hard for me to force myself to wear socks and/or slippers. (Yes. I have both socks and shoes on right now. Amazing, isn't it?)

I've been trying to be better, at least -- when it comes to the gloves and socks in the house, anyway. (grin)

The amusing thing is that if I eat something -- anything -- or move around at all, I'll end up way too warm. (I rarely wear long sleeves now, even in the middle of winter. I'm always too hot...) Maybe I'll go do some housework and see if that warms me up. (heh)

What I'd hoped to do, though, was work on NaNo. If I'm going to do it at all, then I need to put some time in on it...
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