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LJ, LJ, LJ! Why do you do this to me??? (Issues. Again.)

So lately there have been some (acknowledged) issues here at LiveJournal.

Today may be the straw to break this camel's back...

Is it driving anyone else crazy???

I mean, it's very important for me to share my cat video, weather reports, political views, daily mundane activities, icon art, memes and whatever else with the world! And to save those things for posterity!

Okay, I suppose this is a sign that I'm pretty much addicted to LJ. I never thought I was, but now I'm really starting to wonder!

It seriously drives me half nuts when I can't do things easily here... That also includes editing my entries, loading photos to my galleries, linking my photos, moderating communities and on and on and on.

LJ! Give me a break, please!


Tags: 2006, livejournal-problems, livejournal-rant, november-2006

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