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Happy Halloween!

Have you wondered where I've been the last few days? Well, hopefully I'll find time to update about that later today!

So, Marilyn mistressmarilyn is headed in for a 7:30 a.m. meeting -- and I'm waiting for the house to warm up a bit before I get started on my many tasks for today. (smile)

It's 33° locally -- and just above 60° currently in the house. We always turn down the furnace at night, as neither one of us can sleep well if it's too warm. Well, it's anything but too warm this morning! (grin)

For those of you who celebrate, a very Happy Halloween! The old saying is something like: I hope you get many treats -- and no tricks...

Happy Halloween!!!

I was feeling very nostalgic for my parents this morning. Both of them were crazy about Halloween their entire lives -- long before it became popular to celebrate here in America.

Mom always, always decorated like mad for Halloween. Quite a few of the decorations Marilyn and I have to this day were originally Mom's. And many that weren't are decos that she gave us!

Even in the years when our folks didn't have enough money for it, they always went out and bought lots of candy to give out. And they prided themselves on buying the best (and often biggest) candy in the neighborhood.

Dad once said to me that he couldn't understand people too cheap to give out candy on Halloween (that's how he saw it). "A few bucks for the little kids," he said. His voice was quite emotional -- and our dad was not an emotional person. (I saw him cry only a few times in my entire life. Seriously.)

Dad used to call it his favorite holiday of the year. And Mom would often dress up to hand out candy. She made herself a witch dress that she used to wear, and I remember Marilyn and I used to help her with witch makeup.

Until Mom got too old (and ill) to be able to do it, she'd carve numerous pumpkins every single year. That included at least two really large ones -- with patterns she'd been using for forever. (I remember once that I found the original patterns drawn out on paper, though that must have been for the early years -- because she knew those by heart as long as I could remember.)

Dad told us how much his own mother (our grandmother) loved Halloween -- and I guess Grandpa did, too. (I'm not as sure about Grandpa Ed. He supposedly changed a lot after grandma died -- and that happened the month I was born. So I only know him as he was afterwards...)

Anyway, Grandma May would 'throw flour into her hair' (as Dad described it) and make her hair all wild so she could look witch-like. (smile)

Grandma May was very tied to her Sixth Senses, by the way. That's another story, of course, but it always occurs to me on Halloween. She used to know things that she couldn't possibly know. And after her death other family members had experiences that had to do with Grandma... (Including me!) Maybe I'll post later today with more about that, if I can find the time.

Anyway, we come from a long history of celebrating Halloween. It's strange how it's become such a big deal in the last decade or two, because it never used to be like that! There were even people who found us strange because we all loved it so much...

I made myself a new icon in honor of the day, anyway. (smile) The pumpkin is one of the designs Mom loved. So I guess it's in her honor.

We 'skipped' Halloween last year -- for the first time in our lives. (No kidding.) But we got candy to hand out and I'll go after our traditional goodies to eat today. Sister Sue is going to take me -- even though she can't come over tonight because she's working. (sigh) I made up a small fuzzy pumpkin for her house -- and another to give to June and Jim.

Marilyn is doing the cutest thing for her costume for work this year! She has a 'Hooters' tank top and a pair of very short (and tight) shorts to wear with it. (The Hooters waitresses wear these tiny, tight shorts.) She got these darling p.j. bottoms to wear over the shorts that are a 'DeadBull' (like Redbull) design -- and a tee that shows two bags of candy and says something like (I don't remember exactly) 'Mine is bigger than yours.' (Hysterical!) All worn with (one of her many pairs of) highheeled boots.

Her plan is to pretend she didn't have time to get an actual costume because she has to 'go to work' right after leaving the office -- and then to take off the outside layer and show off the Hooters waitress clothes. Clever, no? Personally, I love it!!!

As for tonight, I'll probably do a pirate get-up, wearing my fancy pirate hat that I got for the auction. And maybe my cape, too. The cape was quite spendy when I bought it. It's reversable -- red on one side and black on the other -- with a large hood. It's made of very nice material and flows all the way down to the floor. I never fail to get a complement when I wear it, it seems. That's how nice it is! I forced Marilyn to buy me a mock pirate cutlass (plastic) to add to the effect. And I have my flask that has the leather holder with a skull on it, too. (grin)

Well, I'm off. I have a ton to do before the big night!
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