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Britney Spears in Concert. Tonight!

So even though I'm spending the day cleaning house (again), I can't gripe much. LOL.

I am taking a day off working out, seeing as we'll be on our feet for most of the concert (I suspect) and it will run late. I've been so tired lately as I get back into the working-out-regularly-mode. LOL.

I've been trying to walk daily and also ride my bike. And I try to also do my Sauna Session (though I don't recall if I did it yesterday).

The last time I saw Britney in concert was in 2002 (in Vegas). She appeared here in Portland, too, but came on Coronation night! (How dare she! LOL.) Naturally we work that night (quite late, actually), so there was absolutely no possibility of seeing her here at home.

Which is why we determined to go to see her in Las Vegas!

That was a very quick trip. We left on Friday and were back home on Sunday. The following day was Memorial Day and nobody (and I do mean nobody) ever misses working that day at the festival! LOL.

We had so much fun! Stayed at the lovely Mandalay Bay (where she was appearing).

We actually missed out on any trips to Vegas in 2003, believe it or not! We went again in December of 2002, though--for the Billboard Music Awards. LOL.

I was surprised that not everyone stood for Brit's concert when we saw her. I don't know if that's typical or not, as it's certainly not typical of most concerts I've attended in my life! Much of the fun to me is to sing along and stand and dance. I love concerts. (Maybe more than a lot of people 1/3 my age, for that matter!)

We're going with Kelly (Marilyn's assistant and a huge Britney fan), so that should add to the fun! Kelly is a total delight.

We'll go to the bar and drink during the opening act (which we always do). We aren't big on sitting through opening acts, as a rule. LOL. (Now I might feel differently if we were talking Aaron Carter! Did I say might? ROFL. He's opened for her in the past...)

Anyway, I've got a ton to get done today, as I've got the Qwest guy coming by in the morning to install some new phone jacks. And try to FIX the one in the kitchen.

The kitchen jack used to work fine--up until we had to add the damned filter for the DSL! It's a walljack, and that made the filter a total pain...

We've needed the one in the family room fixed since we moved in here. Seeing as we've been here close to ten years now (!), I guess it's about time... LMAO.

We want to add a second one there, too. In case we decide to go ahead and get TiVo.

We were entirely gungho on TiVo until I started doing some research. Sigh. Now we're sort of up in the air...

Besides, we're getting our new in-ground sprinkler system put in next week, which isn't exactly cheap. Afterwards our yard man (wonderful Hector) is going to redo the lawn--which is costing us another pretty penny. So it's probably best to save the TiVo expense for now, anyway...

I finally (and I mean finally) hooked up our new VCR/DVD combo in the living room (upstairs), by the way. Then I just couldn't get the hang of setting it up to time tape!

Well, I've got that down now (after missing a few things... sigh). I have to say that in spite of sister Sue's comments about the quality of the machines when you get both combined, I think it tapes like a dream! Very nice quality.

(Reminds me how picky we used to be about video taping quality... LOL.)

Well, back to cleaning! The guy will be in the kitchen (close to done), the living room (about halfway there) and the family room (not bad--needs vacuuming), too. Oh! And (unfortunately) he has to go into the utility room, too. Sigh. (Started that yesterday, but as no one but us normally ever goes in there, it's generally pretty much a disaster. LOL. I need to do laundry and fold clothes. Vacuum up kitty litter--their sand boxes are back there--and just rearrange some things in case he needs to move major furniture...)


Well, this was a nice break, anyway! LOL. (So when will I write more on my "Bonanza" fic, work on those PSP tutorials and transfer more tutorials over to GreatestJournal? How about helping Sue set up her blog, work on the family website, work on our major/slash website and organize our office?)



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