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More Medical Bitching. (Sorry!) The Car and More...

Before I start in bitching, I should mention that Marilyn mistressmarilyn had another day filled with meetings today. Considering her schedule and what she puts up with every single day, I really haven't got much reason to bitch. Seriously.

She heard about the car yesterday. Not surprisingly, they found more wrong with it. So instead of getting it back on Friday, they now say it will be there until next Wednesday. She told them that picking it up on Wednesday wasn't going to work for her. She has a 7:30 a.m. meeting and meetings all day -- the last one starting at 5:00. So he said they'd either try to get it done sooner or she could pick it up on Thursday...

Marilyn's been working so hard lately that she hasn't really had time to do much online, including post to her LJ. Yesterday she called herself a 'slacker' because she'd 'only' worked 9 1/2 hours straight without a break. The day before she worked 10 hours. In fact, it seems like she's been averaging 10-hour days a lot lately.

Well, anyway, everyone excuse me while I indulge myself in more bitching about my medical woes. (grin) Sorry to slam people with this, but do remember that I'm still able to laugh about it... And I honestly don't require sympathy. I just need to vent. (heh)

I'm in this neverending loop about setting about my appointments with the Gastroenterology Clinic (about my liver ultrasound results -- and dealing with whatever is wrong with my liver) and the Rheumatology Clinic (about my Psoriaic arthritis).

On top of the back and forth and back and forth, I now can't reach the clinic of my Primary Care physician, as their phones are out! I've been trying to call all day long. (sigh)

I'd told sister Sue about it, and she thought that maybe they'd temporarily put it on recording because of being busy. She said the phone just rang and rang on Monday while she was waiting for me. But the last time I phoned (just now), I got a message saying the phones were out -- and giving an emergency contact number. As I'm far from an emergency, I guess I'll try and phone again tomorrow...

It's just frustrating. But, hey, I'll get it done sooner or later. I need to get in and find out what (if anything) can be done...

I think I've turned the corner on this flu.

Of course, I just phoned my friend June and talked to her and after a time I start to lose my voice again. (sigh) And I'm still coughing a little bit. But I had almost a normal day yesterday and got a lot of work done! Little by little.

I'd like to be well enough to start working out, though! I've been really afraid to even try, as I certainly don't want to get worse again! (Been there, done that.)

Colin Kitty is going to drive me nuts, I swear. I'm using the spray bottle constantly. Plus spanking (usually one spank -- and not ever hard) and speaking loudly -- and saying 'bad boy' when he misbehaves and 'good boy' when he does the right thing. I do praise him when he stops doing something wrong.

Yesterday I thought we were making some progress. But today he was back doing a couple of the same things over again. (sigh)

Marilyn and I try to remind ourselves that he's only a baby, even though he's growing like a weed! It's just been so many years since we've had a kitten in the house. We seriously need to continue to cut him slack...

I'm trying! Honest. But when I'm on one of these frustrating phone calls and he starts in, I can feel myself starting to boil. (grin)

Interesting eBay Notes

I bought some software from a guy at eBay and was having trouble installing it. Let me tell you, he really, really came through for me! At one point he even phoned me long distance on his own dime. (He's in Florida, too.) I was really impressed.

I sent a message to another eBay person yesterday morning and asked if my "Mouse on the Mayflower" had been shipped out yet. She wrote back and claimed it had been mailed on October 19 -- then gave me the USPS tracking number. So I go and check it and it says the tape was mailed yesterday. (smile) Now didn't she realize I'd be able to see what day it went out? I mean, why bother to lie? Why not just say she'd mail it right out?

I don't get why people feel they have to lie. I just don't...

You know, I need some new Halloween icons this year! (smile)

ETA: So I did just talk him out of one bad behavior successfully! But then I had to spray him when he went and did another thing. Oops! Even as I type this he's back doing thing number one. (He's only a kitten. He's only a kitten. He's only a kitten.) (sigh)site stats

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