CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

New Tutorial -- and the 'New' Chair Revisited!

I finally finished up the tutorial I've been working on forever. I'd been at it for so long that I actually had it in my head that I'd already finished and posted it to psp9_fun! Idiot. (smile)

Let me tell you, this one took me literally hours to do!

And the more images you add to a tutorial, the harder they are to do and the longer they take. (sigh)

Anyway, for those interested, the tutorial is here, showing how to create this effect:

Hey, Marilyn mistressmarilyn? When I made that 'I hope you dance' icon, I was actually thinking of you... Do you want one something like that? (I could add a background image, if you wanted -- as long as it's fairly simple.)

I was glad to have finishing this to distract me, actually, as I've been trying to do phone calls today. I think I'll post separately about all that, though! (grin) It's connected to my doctor again. (sigh)

Anyway, the good news is that we got a full reimbursement for the chair we returned -- that included the postage and handling costs! It took forever for it to reach them, I swear. I didn't keep a record of all the various stops on the way there and now they've dumped it. Darn. But it was amusing to see each arrival and departure as it headed on the way to Bentonville, Arkansas! (smile)

I somehow doubt we'd have gotten the money back for the postage and handling if I hadn't been fairly aggressive in dealing with them. I not only phoned and emailed, but I wrote an old-fashioned (and lengthy) letter to them. Of course, it was also nice to be able to share those photos of the broken piece...

Go, me. (grin)

I may not have my lovely new chair -- but at least we didn't get cheated for the cost! That's one less aggravation in my stats

Tags: 2006, october-2006

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