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New Doctor -- and I Need to See Specialists

I really like him. He was incredibly thorough during my visit. In fact, my appointment was at 2:30 (at a clinic which is maybe ten minutes away from my house, tops) and I didn't get home until past 4:00. (Yes, I had to stop at the pharmacy to pick up a prescription, but it didn't take all that long.)

It turns out he wants me to see a specialist about my liver. The results of my ultrasound weren't good (which I knew via mail and phone), but he doesn't know what's causing the problem. It's difficult not to consider cancer as a possibility, though I don't want to jump to conclusions. It turns out that my thought that it might be a side effect of years of taking Naproxen is inaccurate -- Naproxen causes kidney problems, but doesn't effect the liver.

He also wants me to see a specialist about my psoriatic arthritis. He explained that like Rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis isn't like regular 'old age' arthritis. It causes serious and permanent joint damage -- but there are apparently medications that can treat it. (He said they use some of the old cancer meds for this...) Anyway, he was surprised I'd never been sent to a specialist for this before.

That's really interesting when you consider I was diagnosed with it in my 30's -- and I'm now in my 50's. I remember that I used to show Mom the bumps on my fingers and then she'd show me her bumps. And I'd say, "But, Mom, I'm only in my 30's!" It appears I had good cause for concern.

Then he took the time to find an allergy medication that is covered by my insurance. This when other doctors told me that no allergy meds were covered, period! So it looks like I could have been on meds since that other medication was removed from the covered list. (sigh) That figures. The new med has some side effects, but I'll deal...

No. I couldn't get my flu shot because I'm still sick from having the flu. Both the assistant and my doctor told me that it was common to be seeing people who'd had this virus for five or six weeks! So I'm the norm, not the exception, believe it or not. He actually did a computer report to send somewhere, asking me about every symptom I'd had. I don't recall ever having that happen before to my knowledge. (It may have happened when I was a child, though. I remember the time I almost died from the flu that the doctor was to the house more than once, so who knows? And, yes, doctors used to come to your home in those days...)

The down side is that the doctor handed me business cards and told me to talk to my insurance case worker and find out if those clinics are covered or not -- rather than give me the usual written referral that I need to see a specialist. I phoned my insurance provider who was shocked he'd do that -- and had me call the clinic to let them know things just aren't done that way with Care Oregon. (smile)

Hopefully I'll hear back from my clinic today...

Remember when I talked about getting a prescription for Triamcinolone Acetonide Ointment here? My new doctor was shocked that it had only been for 0.1%, rather than a strength of 0.5% -- so he changed it. He also increased the size of the tube, saying that it would be used up too quickly otherwise. My psoriasis is always worse this time of year -- just like my allergies. (And don't tell me there isn't a tie there...) While I had it almost under control in the summer (barely on one hand), it's a bit bad now.

I feel almost stupid complaining about it, though, when you consider how bad so many people have it. Mine has never been as awful as all that...

Well, I do like my doctor, so maybe he's the one I'll finally stick with. But I hope the clinic works things out about seeing those specialists... (sigh)

Two more (at least) medical appointments! (ugh) I'd like to get in and see the dentist again, too, as I cancelled that one appointment and have since had a crown pop off...

You know, I'm really sick of being sick and sick of seeing people for medical reasons! I want to get back to regular life, thanks. (grin)

On that note, I have some cleaning and other things I need to do today, so I'd better get to it.

And hopefully I'll finish my "Casual Encounters" theme for October soon!site stats

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