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Mish Mash... Tom (flowers!), Health-Related and more...

The wonderful Tom sent Marilyn mistressmarilyn flowers on Monday. She was out of the office in meetings when they arrived, so she didn't get them until Tuesday. Anyway, she was delighted! It was such a thoughtful thing for him to do, considering her car accident on Friday. (And I love it that he sends them to her office, where she can enjoy them while she's working.)

I wish he'd bring us more chips. I've been so weird since I've been sick. Only eating certain things and sometimes only eating one meal a day. But I've been craving potato chips for some reason. Might be the salt, I guess.

Oh! That reminds me! We tried the dill pickle flavored chips and I'm really hung up on those! (smile)

No. They aren't a healthy choice, I realize. But when you're sick and can't face eating, what the hell is the difference?

Yesterday I phoned my clinic to ask for the results of my ultrasound that I'd never received. They finally called back today and said the results had been mailed to me. Right. Sure they were.

Then I was told that the results were, indeed, abnormal -- and my doctor needed me to come in and see him. I told the woman who phoned that I was changing doctors at the clinic and had an appointment next Monday. I asked if the new doctor could discuss this and she said yes, the results were in my chart.

Yeah, well it's a miracle they haven't lost them, frankly. (Been there with them in the past!)

So guess what came in the mail today? You guessed it -- the written 'abnormal' result to my ultrasound. It was clearly mailed out yesterday -- after I phoned them. Don't try to kid a kidder, as my dad would have said. (grin)

I don't see why they can't just admit the mistake and not lie to me! But whatever.

I finally got my health insurance papers that normally come the end of September or first of October today. About time! They now require additional information that will mean I've got to go in to a local office to present documents. It's always something with them. (sigh) My deadline to get the paperwork back to them is practically the first of October, really, as they can take 30 days to process things. So it's not great when they delay it until past mid-month! I'd like to know what the problem was...

This crap is annoying, I have to admit.

But at least our yard guy came out personally today. I've had to complain about his crew several times recently. And the prices aren't cheap, so we'd like the work done properly. He also cleans our gutters for us, so when I phoned him today I let him know they need to be done as soon as he can manage. The last downpour had the gutters pouring over the edges, which is a big pain in the ass.

It's my garbage and recycling day and I haven't got it done yet. So I'll be out doing it in the dark again. Plus it's supposed to start raining any time now. That used to be a joke between my dad and me, as we shared Wednesday night as garbage night for years and years. We'd both say that it would always rain on Wednesday night. (smile) I miss sharing that joke with dad...

Well, time for a quick nap before I get back to that task!

I'm thinking of converting my tutorial that I wrote for PSP7 into one for PSP9. What I didn't mention before is that there aren't nearly that many tutorials for the psp9_fun community, like there are for both psp7_beginners and psp8_fun, so even if there aren't that many members these tutorials are needed stats

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