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New Tutorial for psp7_beginners

I decided to just dash off (as if*) a new tutorial for the psp7_beginners community yesterday, in response to a question about colorizing a portion of a black and white (or one color) image. (*: When I say 'as if' I simply mean that you can't dash off these tutorials. Which is why I didn't get it finished yesterday... sigh...)

This is the first time in forever that I've actually done a tutorial just for version 7 of the software. But it's a large community with more than 1,300 members (close to 1,400), so it seems valid. (smile)

Of course the sister community for version 8 -- psp8_fun -- has more than 1,200 members, so it's not running too far behind!

It's the poor version 9 community -- psp9_fun -- that has only 380 members. (I wonder why this is?) Naturally, v.9 is my favorite version of the three to use, so I'd prefer to be doing tutorials for that version. (grin) But it makes sense to do tutorials for the larger communities -- doesn't it?

For those interested, you can see my latest tutorial here. It's pretty simple and basic, but that can be a good thing. (Especially for people just starting out with the software.)

I still have a bunch of tutorials I've started and never finished. I wonder if I'll ever get around to finishing them? It's sort of like my fanfics that are only part done, I guess... But at least if I do a chapter or two of a fic I'll end up sharing that. There's no way to use a partial tutorial!

I'm a little down this afternoon, to be honest. I'm still sick. This is week number four for those who are counting. I had to get out of bed again last night and sit up in a chair because I was coughing so bad. I had my furnace bid appointment this morning and almost lost my voice after talking to the woman.

Speaking of her (Patty), she was very nice! We talked for an hour. I was very impressed by her and would love to work with her. I wonder what her finished bid will end up being?

Appointment number two is tomorrow afternoon!

(See how easy it is to get my mind off depressing things...)site stats

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