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Poor June! Fake PayPal Email.

My friend June just phoned to discuss her PayPal account. I've always told her it was a great idea to have one, so she finally signed up for an account.

But she got that same fake PayPal email that scammed me -- only she thought it was for real and didn't catch it right away.

Thankfully I realized my mistake right after I did it -- and at the time the PayPal account in question wasn't a verified one, so there was no direct access to my bank account. (Only VISA access.) I immediately phoned PayPal and found out it wasn't for real -- and then changed things with them and got a new VISA number (and card) issued. It was a hassle, but nothing to what June is facing.

For the record, PayPal users: If you receive an email that does NOT include your full name, then it's not really from PayPal.

As I told June, PayPal is still the safest way to purchase anything online -- because PayPal is the only one with access to your account(s) and account numbers. And I totally trust PayPal.

But this isn't PayPal's fault! The Phisher was good enough to make June believe it was the real deal. She's the one who gave out info to the wrong person(s). Just as I did back when I got that same email! (It's been so long ago now that I don't even remember when it happened...)

Poor June. She's received several confirmation emails from PayPal for items purchased. In Euro, by the way. She told me on the phone that she's been getting these 'every day.' I didn't have the heart to ask her how long it's been since they've been coming to her...

She also asked me why the amounts were small, if someone was taking advantage of her. I told her it's because they were hoping she wouldn't notice so they could keep it up for as long as possible!

The scary thing is that they've got both her VISA info and her bank account info. So she's open for identity theft until she gets this taken care of. Yikes. Scary shit.

My heart just goes out to her. I know it's stupid to be taken in, but as I recall the fake PayPal site is pretty convincing! And if you haven't been to the actual PayPal site much (which June hadn't), then you wouldn't know the difference, anyway.

I hope she doesn't decide to cancel her PayPal account. It's still the best way to buy things -- and, again, it's not the fault of PayPal that she got stats

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