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Ultrasound Results?

I forced myself to phone my clinic to see if they had the results of my ultrasound yet. (sigh) I went in for the test on October 4 (Thursday) and was told they'd have the results at the clinic by Friday. (Monday at the latest.)

Dr. Chan is currently out. He was my doctor previously and the one who assigned the test. I'm in the process of changing to a new doctor, but he's the one who would have the results, even so.

I'm going in next Monday to see the new doctor. But it seems silly to wait until then for those results, unless I absolutely must. When I phoned to set up that appointment with the new doctor, I was told by the front desk that I should get something in the mail...

The woman on the phone sounded very harried, like they're swamped right now. They're currently two doctors 'down' (as they say there), which is probably why. But I don't know whether or not to assume that's the reason that I haven't heard a word even though it's almost two weeks later. They're just not that good about results, period.

Scarlett is curled up in my lap. It's lovely having kitty love, even when it's inconvenient. (smile) I've had to put her down once already to run for the phone. And I'm apparently a bath tub, as she's grooming like mad at this moment... (She has the softest fur. Maybe the softest I've ever felt on a cat.)

Supposedly someone from the lab will get back to me. Otherwise I guess I'll hear next week when I'm in.

I have a hunch it's not going to be good news, but I'm ready for that. Whatever! Life has a few downs mixed in, but all in all it's good. So why complain?

And as I'm feeling better today, I can't complain much!site stats

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