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Just a Tuesday Morning.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn headed off really early for a meeting, leaving me sleeping in. She's been so sweet about that since I've been sick...

I hope she got off okay. But I'm sure she didn't get herself anything for lunch, as I do that. (sigh) We'd talked about what I'd fix for her, too. Damn.

I'm having one of my huge cups of coffee. I have a mug that holds twice what our other mugs do. (grin) It's a Southwest Airlines mug that Marilyn used to have in the office. They were wonderful sponsors of the Grand Floral Parade (GFP) for years...

I had a protein bar for breakfast today. I haven't eaten breakfast in forever, as I've had almost no appetite since I've been sick. That's actually a good thing. I've lost some weight and my brand new jeans are hanging on me. (smile)

It's a rainy, chilly day. There's a lot to be done in the yard, but I don't dare risk going out. I think I'm better and have maybe turned the corner on this damned bug, but I'm not going to push it. (sigh)

UPS came yesterday to (finally) pick up that damnable box!!!

The man who came was the same man who delivered it in the first place. He asked if I hadn't liked it -- and then I told him I might have, if it hadn't had a badly broken piece! And I briefly shared the pains I've had communicating with them about the whole mess. He was so kind and sympathetic. Once again he came all the way in to grab the box and haul it out of here. Such a nice guy!

I'm so glad to get that out of here. It was originally delivered on October 3 (as I discussed here), which means it's been in my living room for two weeks! Very, very annoying. (sigh)

I've been doing just fine with my old chair. I've stuck the red and white footstool under the front. Perfect. And when I want to actually lie in the chair (which is a recliner of sorts -- though it doesn't lean back very far), I just add one of the big cushions I have and it's pretty comfortable. While I've been sick I've 'sat up' there with my mountain fleece blanket over me a couple of times, to help me stop coughing like a fiend.

The mountain fleece blanket in question is one I got at a bazaar several years ago. It's made with a built-in pocket so you can fold it up into a pillow. I've never done that, but I call it my 'foot pocket' -- and I stick my feet inside. It's so cozy! And keeps the blanket from slipping off my feet. The blanket is very light weight -- lighter than any other mountain fleece we've ever had around here. But keeps me warm as toast, the way all mountain fleece seems to! I love it because it's big and cover me from feet to around my shoulders with no problem. Plus it's very, very soft. I also have a hat made of the same material (and bought at the same time) that I wear when it's really cold. Keeps my ears nice and warm! (smile)

Marilyn fired the furnace for the first time Sunday. (sigh) I need to get going on getting that new furnace!

On that note, maybe I'll make some phone calls...

Oh! And someone wrote to Marilyn about using my Rafa moodtheme. I need to write stats

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