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Mitch Aced his Realtor Test!

Wonderful news!

My friend Mitch aced the test (Real Estate Exam he's been studying for these many weeks. Go, Mitch! (grin)

Those interested can see the ecard I sent him by clicking this link...

I'm so happy for him. I knew he'd do great, of course, as the man is brilliant. He was a lot more worried about it than anyone else who knows him.

For the record, he scored 98%.

(Again, as I said, it's no surprise!)

So now he moves on to training with the realtors he's going to work for...

We need to celebrate this big time! If I was over this crud I'm fighting, I'd be out playing tennis with him right now!

Anyway, I think something special is in order this weekend... (smile)site stats

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