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Yes. I'm Still Sick. (sigh) The Auction!

I hate to bore my friends by bothering to post, as I've little to say right now. Mainly, I'm still sick. I spent most of the day in bed. Yes, again. (sigh)

I hope I'll get over this soon. It's driving me nuts!

But I did get to attend the auction on Saturday night! It was fabulous. Things were set up so beautifully. The dining room was lovely!

There were tons of goodies, but Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I managed to restrain ourselves, for the most part. We both wanted to give $$$ to the appeal -- and we'd talked it over in advance and knew Marilyn would give $1,000 this year. I gave an additional $50 of my own (maybe I should have done that twice!), to try and beef up the matching portion.

I love how generous Marilyn is about the festival. We both love it and really try to help it as much as we can. In spite of the fact that Marilyn hasn't had a raise in five years -- and even took a pay cut last year. We know how much the festival is hurting money-wise, so we don't ever begrudge these facts of life.

I think of how over the years Marilyn has written just tons of notes, cards, thank yous (etc.) on behalf of herself -- and the festival. But she always buys her own postage stamps for mailing those out. Always has and still does! It might not sound like much, but it quickly adds up. (And I'm almost certain that no one other me even knows that she doesn't use festival money for that purpose...)

I could point to a dozen other things like this that she does. For example, she has an expense account (a small one) for hosting (and other) purposes -- but she almost never uses it. Again, it might not seem like much to buy Starbuck's for staff and others now and then, but it adds up. Lunches and drinks and dinners and so on -- all on her own dime.

She's very generous, but I don't know how many people know that about her. I think it makes it even more special that she keeps it to herself, really...

Anyway, I got off on another tangent! (smile) I didn't mean to. I just wanted to be sure and post something for a change.

I should have a few photos later on to share. Marilyn was the 'belle of the ball' (again), in her tux and fedora! I got many compliments on how I looked, too -- especially on my pirate hat. (It was interesting that so few people realized I was sick!)

My latest online passion? I'll share a photo tomorrow! I've been doing the beta for labeling images at Google. I'm currently in the top five. (grin) As I use Google images all the time, it makes sense for me to help with this...

Anyway, I'm still alive, if you've been wondering! I have a bunch of moderation that needs doing and I need to get back in to see my doctor, too. (sigh) The results of my ultrasound should be back now. As well as my mammogram results...

And I still need to get to the dentist. One thing at a time, though, please!

No. I haven't done a damn thing about getting our new furnace. (sigh) Time's a wastin' on that project, as winter heads our stats

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