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Still Sick.

Yeah, I'm still sick. I guess a lot of my online -- and off line -- friends are sick, too. So there's not much to add...

I am trying out Mucinex -- which really appears to be an amazing product that does what it claims. (It's disgusting to talk about -- but great when you really need it!)


Anyway, it's worth every penny if you've been sick and have chest congestion...

The auction is this Saturday!!!

I'm very excited about it. Especially after seeing Marilyn mistressmarilyn try on her tuxedo! It looks fabulous on her. I'm so glad she bought it and decided to wear it to this special event.

Plus she's wearing a fedora as her 'hat' for the event. It's very cool! I think it makes her look like a very stylish mafioso -- which is perfect when you consider how long we've both been 'into' things like "Robin and the 7 Hoods" and "The Godfather." (grin)

(I can hear Dean, Frank and Bing singing "Style" right this minute...)

As for me, I'm going to be wearing my wonderful new pirate hat that came from the Portland Pirate Festival that I discussed us attending here. I'll have to be sure to get pictures of it, because it's lovely!

I think the auction will be fabulous this year -- I really do! I'm very excited about it, sick or no.

As I mentioned here, tomorrow I go in for two health-related tests. About time I got that ultrasound, considering how long ago I was originally scheduled to have it done! (Way back in August, that is...) Can't wait until those are over!

I guess I'll spend the rest of the day taking it easy and getting ready for Saturday. (Day of beauty? Maybe!)

Here's hoping that any of my friends who are sick (like me) will get well soon! And that those of you who aren't sick don't end up going stats

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