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The New Chair Debacle

Yeah. I'm still really sick, just for the record. Moving on...

My new chair arrived yesterday at around 4:30 p.m.

So here's the 'Chair Drama,' for those interested. (sigh)

I knew the chair was coming on Monday, as there had been two attempts last Friday that I slept through. The notice left told me the delivery would take place between 2:00 and 5:00.

Yesterday morning I managed to haul the (very heavy) old chair up the stairs and outside by myself. Still being sick after a week didn't stop me! (grin)

I was very excited when I opened the huge box that the deliveryman had kindly put in the living room for me. But when I pulled out a major piece and found a large split in the wood I was a lot less excited...

Those interested can see my detailed photos of the broken area here.

If it had simply been a matter of appearance, I'd probably have let it go, to be honest. But it was structural, so I needed a replacement part. That sounds simple enough, right?


I managed to find the support phone number and call today. (It's only open until 5:00 p.m. in the one time zone, so I missed my chance automatically yesterday.) Let's just say that the policy is for the entire item to be shipped back for replacement. No exceptions.

Yesterday was that straw, folks. You know the one, right? (grin)

I ended up complaining over the phone, though not taking it out on the operator. (Not her fault, after all.) Then I wrote a two-page complaint letter, which I'm mailing today. I finished by writing a long complaint email, as well...

I can't even tell you how much money we spend at that store in a year. But I was ready to never set foot there again, I have to tell you! The words 'I'm sorry' (or for a company, 'we're sorry') go a long way, by the way. Don't act like the onus is on me, the customer! Instead, try to make me feel like you'll bend over backwards to make things right and keep me around in the future. (sigh)

I'm sure I'd be in better humor about this if I weren't still sick. Not feeling well has a way of coloring things.

Plus Colin Kitty was pushing my buttons yesterday. At one point I had him by the tail to pull him out of a place he shouldn't be! Normally I'd never do that, but trying to yell at him to 'stop' when I've got almost no voice put me in very ill humor.

The amusing thing was when Scarlett came running over and bit my ankle in his defense! Then she read me the riot act for being mean to him! No, I'm not kidding. She was very put out. Oh. And have I mentioned that the apparently very horny young Colin is trying to mount her frequently?

The joke at our house is that if Colin Farrell were to turn into a cat, he'd be our cat. So loveable and charming much of the time -- but also with many annoying habits that just drive you crazy! (grin)

Sister Sue is back from her trip to Wisconsin and sounds tired out. I guess she didn't find train travel all the comfortable or relaxing and she had trouble sleeping...

Thursday I have my ultrasound and mammogram, lucky me. (sigh)

So it's time for more health-related tests. (sigh)

The ultrasound is to test my liver. That came as a rather nasty surprise, back after my bladder/kidney infection and two bouts with antibiotics. The 'found something' in my blood test(s) that made them want the ultrasound. So we shall see what we shall see, I guess.

This requires fasting for eight hours -- no food or water. I guess that means no meds, which will make me pretty miserable at this point. Right now I need meds every six hours or I'm coughing up a storm. Well, it should be over by around 11:00 a.m., anyway... I'm planning to take along meds and water to take when it's over!

Eight hours with no water? I've been so thirsty since I got sick that I can't even imagine it...

Whine, whine. (grin)

I'll be glad when those tests are done, anyway. Then I can schedule the follow-up with my new GP and my next dental appointment. (So far I've blown off the bone density thing. I don't see much need, frankly.)site stats

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