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Yeah, I'm still sick as a dog. Damn it.

But I'm determined to get over this. I stayed down most of the day and slept a lot.

I did manage to do the garbage and recycling, though, a little at a time. Go, me. (smile)

The cats were good company -- especially Colin, who stayed with me for hours on the bed.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn continues to work her ass off. Long hours and hard days, full of meetings and other work. The good news is that she apparently selected her new assistant today -- and that she'll start next Tuesday. Hurray! Marilyn's trying hard not to fall victim to my bug, even though I'm coughing my head off...

Speaking of Marilyn, I can't believe not one of her LJ friends commented on her entry that shared her poem from Tom.

Nor did a single person ask about her emergency trip to the doctor and the blood test she had to have.

It's hard for me to know how to feel about that... It probably bothers me more than it does her, though.

Well, I guess sometimes LJ isn't quite as friendly as I'd like to think it is. But I'm always so positive about things and about people. And I prefer to stay that way. So I'll just figure her friends missed that entry or something...

And, hell -- neither Marilyn nor I post in order to get comments, thankfully. So we don't get upset when they don't come -- and we both appreciate them a great deal when they do.

I think it's always a nice surprise when someone takes time to comment on something I've posted about. I'm sure Marilyn feels the same way. It just reminds me that we should never take anything for granted in life -- including LJ comments. (smile)

Maybe it's just bothering me because I'm sick. Usually I'd just shrug it off...

Well, I need to get to bed. I especially need to try not to keep Marilyn awake tonight! She's had early morning meetings this week -- and hardly a break that I know of. Tonight she played tennis with friends for two hours after work, so she was dead beat when she got home. (To no supper, I might add, as I hadn't felt up to cooking...)

I sincerely hope I'm better soon. I'd like to be able to do the auction work this Saturday! And there's a lot to do before the following auction weekend!

Being sick sucks. (sigh)site stats

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