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Still Sick. (sigh)

Yes, I'm still sick, unfortunately. (sigh)

I'm just anxious not to repeat the pattern of last year -- where my seasonal allergies that kick in so bad in autumn keep me getting colds (and flu?) for weeks on end! (grr)

I forced myself to stay in bed until 10:00 a.m. this morning. I hated that, but I seem to need the extra rest.

I did go get my meds with sister Sue -- then she and I went out to lunch. The hot soup was fabulous, though I wasn't able to eat much more than that. Oh well -- I took a ton of food home with me. In fact, I got food for dinner, so there were no worries about cooking. (smile)

So what the hell did I get done today? Not much.

I went out and watered the garden, though. (Very. Slowly.)

And I posted bday greetings to a couple of friends here at LJ! (That was good, right?)

Tonight (late) -- after a long nap -- I also made some "Harry Potter" wallpapers. Fun, fun! If you're into HP, then go behind the cut and see if you'd like to share...

You'll need to right-click and set as Background (or whatever your browser calls wallpaper) -- or right-click and Save Picture As (or whatever) to keep on your own hard drive.

These are small versions -- but clicking any image below will take you to the full-size wallpaper.

Enjoy! (Do let me know if you decide to use any though -- won't you? Thanks.

I think it's time for this 'sicky' to head off to stats

Tags: 2006, harry-potter, harry-potter-wallpaper, seasonal-allergies, september-2006, sick, wallpaper

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