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Busy Weekend! (An Update)

On the down side, I have a damn cold. (!!!) I fought it long and hard, but there was no avoiding it, I guess.

Regardless, we did a ton this weekend!

So now for the up side! (grin)

We got our pedicures for the auction. (Check that off the list.) Hopefully my current manicure will hold out well for that, too!

Saturday was the (first ever) Portland Pirate Festival, held in Cathedral Park in St. Johns. Marilyn mistressmarilyn were born and raised in good old St. Johns -- and can remember the area under the St. Johns bridge when it was far from the lovely park it is today!

I can't believe they actually charged $15 a head for adults! And $8 a head for children (which was ages 2-12). And the lines??? Unbelievable! Seriously. The place was packed. There were tons of people hauling along several kids to this event. They must have been minting money there...

(The festival simply must raise gate prices. We're way too nice about it in a day when other events are charging three times the amount! Plus we allow 12 and under in free! Give me a break...)

Anyway, I got a fabulous pirate hat that I'm wearing as my hat for the auction! (It was almost $70, but is made of leather with lovely red and white feathers.) I wore it around after buying it and it's very comfortable, by the way.

We also bought some other items in order to justify the gate cost. (smile) Marilyn got an amazing sterling ring with a beautiful stone. (I must get a photo and share!)

We didn't play tennis on Saturday, but did do so today. I'm happy to report that even with my cold I was playing pretty well and hitting the ball quite hard. (grin)

We also went shopping and found Marilyn's fedora -- so we've got the hat she plans to wear for the auction, too. That's one big item checked off our list!

Played tennis with Mitch, who we hadn't seen for a couple of weeks! It was great to see him again. He's finished up his real estate course and is studying in preparation for taking the big exam he has to take be be certififed. I'm sure he'll do a great job. The guy is literally brilliant -- a longtime member of Mensa.

When I'm with him and Marilyn I'm literally surrounded by brilliant people! (smile) No, I don't mind at all...

We did our grocery shopping late tonight, finally. We were out of a ton of things, so I'm glad we got that done!

Two appointments tomorrow, my gynecologist and eye doctor. One in the morning and the other late afternoon. Sister Sue's taking me, so we'll probably go shopping at Ross in between. She needs to pick up a few more things before her trip to Wisconsin.

The cats seem to be getting along quite well now, by the way. They play together quite a bit and always seem to be sleeping close to one another during the day. I'm so glad! I knew it would work out with time.

What else?

I want to get the guy by to give us a bid on a new furnace this week. I spoke to him on the phone and he seemed very nice. June and Jim used him to replace their furnace and they were very pleased.

Marilyn and I have a date to play tennis with friends Wednesday night, but I'm trying to talk Mitch into filling in for me. This cold is already kicking my ass, so I'd rather not push it. But if he won't go, I'll just force myself. What the hell.

The weather here has gone from rainy and cold back to sunny with blue skies! Just lovely! We're famous for our 'Indian Summers' here in Portland, by the way. Last year it didn't happen (!!!), so I'm really glad it's coming through for us currently. Today was another '10' weather-wise.

I got almost too much sun playing tennis, in spite of spraying with sunscreen. But that's okay, as my freckles had been dying down a bit... (grin)

Oh! I almost forgot! We got another box of chips from the ever-wonderful Tom. (smile) And he wrote me a very sweet email this week, too. (I need to get back to him...) What a nice man. I'm so glad Marilyn has Tom in her life.

Well, it's now past midnight, so I should finish up. More soon, hopefully!

I'm using my 'blustery!' icon, even though it didn't apply at all this weekend! I guess I need an 'Indian Summer' stats

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