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My ScrapBook Stats -- Well, My LJ Storage Stats!

This entry came about when I decided to check and see how much storage space I've used up in my LJ ScrapBook. I tend to think of this as my Galleries, rather than my ScrapBook -- but that's neither here nor there! (grin)

Wow. I can't get over how hard it was for me to simply discover where I should go to check my useage stats for my ScrapBook. Not easy, that's for sure.

Now how was I to guess that it would be under 'File Manager' at 'Manage Accounts'? It that supposed to be obvious?

As usual, I went over to the FAQ and spent some time hunting for the answer to something I feel should be easy to locate. Why isn't File Manager linked when you go to Scrapbook, for example? (Well maybe that's related to the new Horizon Scheme? I'm not a fan of Horizon, just for the record. But some of you may already know that...)

So for anyone else who is looking for this info, here's a link to the page:
File Manager

I hate to appear even more stupid (grin), but am I the only one who didn't realize that 'account space' (storage space) is shared among our userpics (icons), ScrapBook images and videos and voice post files? (For the record, I don't make voice posts, so that doesn't impact me.)

By the way, you'll note below that this happens to be phrased as being shared between these three things. As we all know, something can only be shared between two things. So if we're speaking of more than two things the proper way to state it would be to say shared among. Yes. I am anal about this sort of thing! (heh)

Anyway, here's the wording in the LJ FAQ, for those interested:

Account Space

Your account space is shared between userpics, voice post files, and ScrapBook images/videos.

Plus: 1024 MB (1 GB).
Paid: 2048 MB (2 GB), upgradeable to 10 GB.
Permanent: 10240 MB (10 GB).

Once your files fill your storage space, you must delete some files (or upgrade your Paid Account to 10 GB of space) before you can upload additional images/videos to ScrapBook, make voice posts, or upload more userpics.

So I suppose my question would be this: If we're paying for our additional userpics, as I am, why would those impact our account space? Are we speaking of our maximum number of userpics as determined by account type, which would mean the initial 30 icons -- plus any 'loyalty userpics' I've received for having a paid account?

Okay. I needed more info! So in order to see how many 'loyalty userpics' I've accumulated, I had to go on yet another annoying hunt. (sigh) Just call me stupid, I guess...

For the record, that info is located here.

To get there without using the link I just shared, first go to Account Status and then click the 'See payment history' link.

Stay with me now! (smile)

100 of my icons are those I pay for. Now we could say I don't actually pay for the initial 30 icons, but only for the upgrade. That means I pay for 70 of the 100.

Additionally, 19 of my icons are 'loyalty userpics.' These are a gift I receive for the various times I've had a paid account here at LJ.

This brings the total to 119 icons.

When I check my icons (userpics) via File Manager, I find 51 icons displayed there.

Note that I have no idea how it's determined which icons end up showing. Is this determined by those that were most recently uploaded, or what? Or maybe it's entirely random. I have no clue...

Anyway, how do we get that number? (The 51 displayed, I mean.)

If we take my initial 30 and add the 19 loyalty icons, we'd have a total of 49, not 51. Yes, I'm bad at math -- but not that bad! (grin)

By the way, isn't it interesting to think that we're actually penalized storage-wise for our loyalty icons??? (Some gift!)

Yes, I realize this is all probably very nitpicking of me, when even the animated icons don't go over 40k in size. Hell, we know that's true, because those of us who make them are always struggling with keeping our icons under 40k! (smile)

Anyway, like many things here at LiveJournal, I find the whole thing both interesting and stats
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