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Continued CSS Studies...

I'm pretty much self-taught when it comes to both HTML and CSS. I took an online college course for beginning HTML way back when, but it didn't amount to much. For the most part I've purchased various manuals and just learned the code I use by myself.

No. I've never worked with any web-designing softwares, really. So I pretty much hand-code everything. Nothing fancy, by the way (as I'm not all that accomplished with CSS to date).

I've stuck with HTML 4.01 Transitional, because that was what I was most comfortable with. (And you know, I've no clue what version I studied during that online course. I do recall it taught code that was all capitals, which bugs the heck out of me. I've always preferred lowercase code -- which is the standard, anyway.)

But today while I was taking quizes at a site that teaches code, I discovered I'm pretty comfortable with XHTML. (In one case I missed one out of 20 questions. And that was without actually studying for it. So not bad.)

For those who might not know it, eventually HTML will be phased out in favor of XHTML. So learning to code with it is something of an imperative.

One of the major differences, for example, is that there are no tags that aren't closed, as in HTML. That means that even if you're using the break tag (<br>) -- which wouldn't be closed in HTML -- you need to close it, like this: <br />

Anyway, I tried just reformatting just one page of our website using XHTML and it wasn't hard at all. It only took a couple minutes and it validated with no problem. Considering we'll have to do it sooner or later -- and I've already been recoding pages to 'fix' other problems -- I probably should do them all now. (smile) I suppose only laziness will prevent me...

Anyway, my goal is to move away from table code for presentation purposes -- and to begin using CSS for webpage layout.

Yeah, part of me would love to take an actual class -- where you went to school and sat in a room with other students and a teacher. (grin) But I'm better than most at learning straight from a manual, so I probably will never bother to do that. (I love going to school, though. Always did! I miss it sometimes. Especially this time of year...)

So studying CSS (and maybe XHTML) on my own -- on a regular basis -- is a current goal. (Ideally that would mean every day, but realistically it's probably going to mean several times a week.)

(Tell me how and why people are bored? I never have time to be bored, personally!)site stats

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