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Paint Shop Pro Lover...

That's me! I'm mad for PSP.

I thought I loved v7. Maybe I did.

But if that's true, I'm fickle! Because I think v8 is incredible. Really, really amazing! I'm madly in love with it...

Combine it with Animation Shop 3 (which comes packed with both versions 7 and 8) and you can have so much fun. LOL.

I'm still on an icon-making spree. Made some new ones for Marilyn mistressmarilyn and more for myself. I need to share some at the various icon communities, I suppose. LOL.

Shall I mention I wasted two hours (minimum) trying to copy an effect and failing? Ugh. I hate it when I can't come at least close to being able to copy some effect in PSP...

Actually, I could manage it with a paid plugin. But I wanted to do it without using that plugin! I mean, there just has to be a way!!! LOL. (I'm so stubborn about these things.)

Meanwhile, I came up with a dozen other exciting background effects. Sigh. Which didn't satisfy me one jot.

My cat is sleeping soundly on the chair next to me. All curled up. She normally only does that in the day time! Very cute. She's on Marilyn's computer chair, which has this green striped pillow on it. (It's made of hard plastic and sincerely needs that pillow!)

I should take a picture of her sometime and share it. I'm listening to SNL as I type this...

I need to go and exercise, still. (I bet Marilyn's already done her exercise!)

My knee's been 'acting up' again lately, so I'll skip the exercise bike and sport rider and just do my Sana Session, I think. (I feel years and years ago on that knee and got 'water on the knee'--whatever that means. Now and then I'll have problems with it... sigh... But I don't mind the pain. Whatever! I only mind limping around and not being able to exercise.)

Marilyn and I are slated to do the St. Patrick's Day walk next weekend, so I need to be cautious with the knee. Walking the (approximately) 3 1/2 miles is no big deal. But if I were to have the knee go out it could be a problem.

Our local park support group (Friends of Columbia Park) is having a spaghetti dinner that day. We might actually go. Partly because we'll have 'earned' the pasta. And partly (of course) to support the group. The dinner is only $5, but they can use the $$$.

We don't actually belong to the group, interestingly enough. We wanted to join years back, but it went awry. Still, that park is one of the nicest in a city full of parks (lucky us)--and we live only two blocks away!

Better go and exercise... (smile)

(I think I'll use my new 'HP' icon with this. I like the cute little unicorn. LOL. My latest template...)


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