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International Talk Like a Pirate Day !!!

The festival office is celebrating International Talk Like a Pirate Day in style, by the way -- with a staff meeting geared to the event! (grin)

(This after our pirate-oriented festival in 2006 -- where we hosted the tall ships and slews of pirates at our Waterfront Village...)

Just call me Black Harry Rackham!

My pirate name is:

Black Harry Rackham

Like anyone confronted with the harshness of robbery on the high seas, you can be pessimistic at times. You have the good fortune of having a good name, since Rackham (pronounced RACKem, not rack-ham) is one of the coolest sounding surnames for a pirate. Arr!

Get your own pirate name from
part of the network

Amy from the office sent out an email this morning that linked us all to the above 'quiz' (What's My Pirate Name?) in preparation for the meeting.

Yes. I get all festival emails sent to the entire organization forwarded here to my home computer. (Obviously because I'm special!)



I get them here because unlike full-time staff, I'm not in the office year-round. So this way I can keep up with things from home. (Where I do lots of my festival-related work, by the way.)

I'm sorry to be missing staff meeting today, that's for sure! They're going to be playing 'Pirate Pictionary' (I helped Marilyn mistressmarilyn -- who is running staff meeting today -- to make labels to go on the cards last night.) Sounds like fun!

She ran out right before the stores closed (meaning right before 11:00) last night to buy the DVDs "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Blackbeard" as prizes for the winners. Cool, huh?

By the way, just in case you didn't notice (smile) -- LiveJournal is talking like a pirate today, too!!! When you update you'll see Update Captain's Log (on the button). For edit you'll see Edit Captain's Log. Clever! Plus Frank is dressed as a pirate -- and saying "Baaaaahoy" (Yes, as in Ahoy)! Isn't that cute? (smile)

So in the spirit of the occasion, I'll probably share more pirate craziness as the day goes along... (heh)site stats
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